The oldest player of "Shipbuilder" Nikolay Stepanov noted 96 - the anniversary!

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The former halfback himself copes on economy, does exercises, makes walks to the sea and shops on the Supply.

On December 19 I noted 96 - the anniversary the most age team player "Shipbuilder" Nikolay Andreevich Stepanov. There lives the grandfather in Odessa, and the historian of the Odessa soccer and a press - the attache of "Chernomorets" Sergey Martynov helped to learn about him to me. The meeting with Nikolay Andreevich took place in April, and the other day by phone we communicated to the son of the veteran Igor: his father feels vigorously and says hello to the Nikolaev fans of soccer.

To the modest apartment on First Vodoprovodny Lane of Stepanova were installed in the fall of 1941. And there live nearly seven decades in the silent and imperceptible house, with a typical Odessa court yard. In the cozy apartment Stepanov manages independently, to itself cooks food, itself cleans. Clear business that the father is visited by the son. Andreevich doesn't complain of memory, remembers not only the main thing, and and details.

Stepanov got acquainted with a ball in 1924, when their family lived on Territorial (nowadays - the lieutenant Schmidt) near the station. Played the street on the street. In the late twenties I supported already zhilkopovsky teams in city competitions. Then I played service time in army. From 1934 to 1936 I won back in Kazan for local Dinamo team. Then also other inhabitants of Odessa - two brothers of Borisevichi, Gudzev, Kumbari, Pukhovsky there acted.

Later, in 1939 - the m, many Odessa football players left for earnings in Alma - Atu, but not with all the Kazakh football chiefs conducted the honest relations. Deceived as Andreevich tells, and him, and Petya Scherbakov, and still Taflya (this such nickname, and a surname already and you won't remember).

The same year Stepanov some time acted and for Minsk "Spartak", in the same place got acquainted with the future wife - Olga Antonovna. After return to native Odessa Stepanov got a job on confectionery, them "The red confectioner" was the second team in the city after well-known "Food industry worker". Stepanov among other "confectioners" supported and the national team of "Food industry worker". The football biography was interrupted by war.

Nikolay Andreevich remembers how with difficult fights they from Bessarabia receded. Served that is interesting, together Stepanova's all three brothers - the senior Nikolay, average Leonid, younger Sergey.Wounded Nikolay was treated in hospital in the Caucasus, and then again it appeared on a front line. Near Poltava their part was dug round, our soldiers had no weapon. Germans surrounded on motorcycles, all were taken prisoner. At first there was a camp in Poltava, then - pedestrian march to Kremenchug, Kirovograd, Alexandria, the New Ukrainian. Of hunger daily died one hundred our captured soldiers. Nikolay Stepanov was lucky: it got to team of the captured Red Army men working for the newly appeared landowner.

I managed to run away and in the winter of 1942 on foot I reached to the hometown. Nikolay Stepanov remained, perhaps, one, who can tell now about absolutely low-studied milestone in the history of Odessa (and the Ukrainian soccer) - about matches of our football players during occupation. Not only in Kiev the former Dynamo members played. Soccer lived and in the southern territories seized by Germans. The Odessa team regularly played matches in Bessarabia, Romania. These meetings helped to survive to families of football players. On one of photos of the pre-war team "Red Confectioner" Stepanov points to the Odessa player well-known before war, the member of USSR national team Alexander Shtrauba. Also specifies that he died during occupation in... to fresh-water sponge (pub of those years, - a bus comment).

After the Victory our hero appeared in the ODO team (Odessa), remembers even as in May, 1945 they played in a draw 0:0 with the Odessa Food industry worker team. For our "Shipbuilder" Nikolay Stepanov played in the USSR championship of 1946, I played 22 matches. Tells that at first in a team of Nikolaev invited in his younger brother Sergey (I won back for "Shipbuilder" the central defender two seasons - 1946 and 1947) and then - and Nikolay acting in role of the halfback or the defender. The veteran remembers the reasons of failures of 1946 so that the team literally starved while other teams were provided with food better. "Shipbuilder" then in sanatorium (these buildings remained and hitherto on Sportivnaya Street) was based. In the forty seventh N. A. Stepanov acts for Odessa "Water-transport worker", in few months by order of the marshal Zhukov of all players of this team transferred to extra urgent service - in team of the Odessa Officers' Club.

Nikolay Andreevich in the Locomotive team finished football career. Probably, not incidentally, after all after that I worked twenty five more years the conductor by train Odessa - Moscow. And Odessa "Metallurgist" which the Nikolaev football players supported also was the last team for the brother Sergey.

Igor Stepanov, Nikolay Andreevich's son, supported amateur teams, was the champion of area as a part of "Torpedo" (Odessa). In Nikolaev there lives his friend Sergey Vasilyevich Kuznetsov with whom together played in team of group of the Soviet armies in Germany. The brother Sergey died in 1981, his son lives in Tuapse.

Nikolay Andreevich slightly opens the recipe of the longevity: daily it spent three hours on the sea, sunbathed and bathed. Even now he devotes every day to charging thirty minutes. The veteran and now goes to good weather to wander around the city, comes on the Supply.

We wish to Nikolay Andreevich Stepanov - kind health and cheerfulness, to all of us - optimism and confidence in tomorrow!

In a picture: Stepanova: father and son.


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