In Ukraine human rights

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On Wednesday, January 14, the Human rights watch (HRW) human rights organization published the annual report in which reported that the situation with human rights in Ukraine is unfavourable.

According to human rights activists, the main problems of Ukraine there are tortures in prisons, discrimination of women at work and violation of the rights of HIV - the infected citizens. Besides, in the organization are concerned by hostility to competitors of a shelter and attacks because of racism.

"In Ukraine there are many problems in prisons. There tortures proceed. Prisons are overflowed. Conclusion conditions bad: without appropriate sanitary conditions, prisoners don't have enough light, water, food and medical care", - the London director of Human rights watch Tom Porteus told radio "Svoboda".

Besides, human rights activists paid the attention that advance in punishment of customers of murder of the journalist Georgy Gongadze and isn't present.

"Though the Ukrainian laws promise to care of gender equality, actually it is more difficult to women to find in Ukraine to the robot, than men. Besides, women experience discrimination from - that potential employers can not satisfy their age or appearance", - there is a speech in the report.

By Human rights watch estimates because in Ukraine there is no accurate immigration policy, the country often denies asylum for citizens who are subject to danger at home.

In particular, the organization reminds of deportation of 11 ethnic tamilets in Sri - to Lank, and also an extradition to Russia Oleg Kuznetsov who received the status of the refugee. Human rights watch also emphasized that competitors of a shelter, refugees, foreign students and natives of Ukraine with dark skin color even more often become victims of attacks because of racism.

This problem became aggravated in Ukraine since 2005, but Human rights watch welcomes that last year the Ukrainian authorities created special divisions which are engaged in investigations of attacks on the racist soil.

Human rights activists also drew a conclusion that oppressions the Crimean Tatars continue to test.Their main problems of Human rights watch calls unequal distribution of land, unequal opportunities for employment and impossibility to get an education in the native language.


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