"Hortitsa" and "Grain gift" have legal proceedings from - for a grain question

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The producer of Grain Gift vodka in court demands to forbid competitors to let out production with the conformable name "Hlebodar".

The Image Holding companies (TM "Hortitsa") and "Bayadera" (TM "Grain Gift") in court defend a right to use relatives on sounding of trademarks - "Hlebodar" and "Grain gift".

The Hlebodar trademark was registered in 2001 by the Agroservice 2000 company which made under it bakery production at several plants in Zaporozhye. In 2005 "Agroservice 2000" I acquired the right to make under this brand and alcoholic products.

Last year the company transferred to other legal entity close to Evgeny Chernyak (the owner of LVZ "Hortitsa"), the right for production of alcoholic products under TM "Hlebodar" on the terms of the license agreement, having reserved thus all rights for production of bakery production under the specified brand.

In the Bayadera company declared that appealed to Solomensky court of Kiev with the purpose to recognize transfer of rights to the Hlebodar trademark invalid as it is almost identical on sounding with vodka let out by them under TM "Grain Gift". Then war in vessels began. "Since December, 2008 representatives of the companies, directly or indirectly connected with Evgeny Chernyak's name, addressed in bodies of judicial authority of various instances and regions of Ukraine with requirements about a ban of production and Grain Gift vodka sale of territories of Ukraine", - claim in the Bayadera company.

Representatives "Image of Holding" disprove the participation in the specified judgments. "We with the National Alcoholic Traditions company (enter to Bayadera group of companies), as well as other producers of alcoholic products, have no conflict", - the director of legal questions LVZ "Hortitsa" Gennady Vasyukov claims. According to information available for it, the National Alcoholic Traditions company by "raider" judgments of the judge of Solomensky district court of the city of Kiev A. Makukhi blocked work of five bakeries which provide with a prime necessity - bread - some areas of Ukraine.

"Complaints are about it already sent to the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine, the Supreme Court of Ukraine, Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine concerning justice and the Supreme council of justice", - claims Vasyuki.


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