Having fairly drunk, nikolayevets decided to walk on ice – between the Alluvium and Korenikhoy. Can't still tell about the impressions

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Yesterday, on January 20, in Nikolaev on Youzhny's ice of Bug around the Alluvium passersby saw the person in decent remoteness from the coast.

As recently temperature plus, it was easy to assume that a campaign on the melted ice - a situation extraordinary. Therefore conscious citizens called in militia.

Having arrived to a place, law enforcement officers understood that they won't be able to return the man on the coast by own efforts - the person was meters in 200 from the coast, and it is impossible to approach to it on thin ice without use of special adaptations. The decision to call fighters of the Nikolaev militarized was made is mountain - saving group.

Rescuers as a part of five people operation on removal of the person from ice began about three o'clock in the afternoon. I disturbed their actions not only melted and the river becoming thinner a cover, but also dense fog which practically hid the location of the man on ice.

To a surface of the frozen water there were two rescuers who could reach "brave" nikolayevets, and about four hours that was delivered to the coast.

For rescue it was necessary to use a special survival equipment on water, and the man from the middle of the river was delivered on a circle, in this case, used as a sledge. By the way, the object of rescue should be bound a rope - that didn't fall down.

It became clear, the man 1958, having properly accepted "on a breast", down the river simply I walked. Whether it headed on Korenikhu or went still where - нибудь, it isn't known, but as the deputy chief Nikolayevskogo noticed is mountain - saving groupAlexander Manko, if it reached a waterway, it could not rescue.

The "hero" who has strong drunk before "ice" walk undertaken by it, sobered up in time a little that carried out on the crude, frozen river, but distinctly couldn't explain the actions.

Motives and the reasons of his behavior needed to be found out to law enforcement officers to which hands he was given.


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