The third power unit It is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant deactivated, without allowing to save Ukraine of 186 mln m a cube of natural gas

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From - for decrease in electricity consumption in Ukraine the power of nuclear generation is limited. According to the order of the dispatcher of a power supply system power loading of blocks decreases, and periodically some of them are brought in a reserve. Since January 11 the third block got to this list - YuU nuclear power plant million plus city also. It is disconnected from a power supply system and transferred to a "hot" reserve with a condition of readiness for inclusion in a network in 72 hours.

During the compelled idle time 281 million kilowatts - hour of the electric power are already underproduced. Having made these kilowatts, It is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant would give the chance to the country to save 80 million cubic meter of natural gas which need to be burned on a thermal power plant for receiving such quantity of the electric power.

Dispatching restrictions were entered on the nuclear power plant of Ukraine and in 2008. Because of such unloadings in 12 months of the expired year It is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant underproduced 658 million kilowatts - hours that is equivalent to burning of 186 million cubic meter of natural gas.

The general underproduction of three power units YuU nuclear power plants since the beginning of the current year (as of January 23) because of dispatching restrictions of power exceeded 500 million kilowatts - hours, reports work Department with the public and mass media Is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant.


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