In Nikolaev the open Championship of the city on a kickboxing in the sections "the light-contact" and "musical forms"

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From January 23 to January 25 in SDYuSShOR-2 I passed the open personal Championship of Nikolaev on a kickboxing in the sections "the light-contact" and "musical forms". About it reports a press - service of the Nikolaev regional Federation of a kickboxing.

Champions of the city, of course, wanted to become all 117 acting young Nikolaev athletes, but competition made severe selection of the best of the best. And nonresident guests of our "house" all-comers competitions continue to show that go not simply behind experience of a boxing in a cradle of the Nikolaev sports glory - they too fine are able to win!

In the section musical forms of a kickboxing, as usual, out of competition were children of the Honored trainer of Ukraine Elena Bukalova, pupils of SDYuSShOR-2 Katerina Gladkaya, Ania Vilskaya, Katya Petineva, Olya Timchenko, Nadia Prilepskaya, Ivan Makhinya, Ilya Filitovich, Igor Borisov and Irina Rogovskaya's schoolgirl - Christina Skripnichenko from DYuSSh-5.

In the section light - contact by new youth Champions of the city of Nikolaev became:

Youth (1991-92):


"gold" - Vlas SLAVINSKY (57кг, light - contact, SDYuSShOR-2, N. Hadzhioglo)

"gold" - Andrey SHALAGIN (63кг, light - contact, SDYuSShOR-2, I.Pavlenko)

"gold" - Alexander LI (67кг, light - contact, SDYuSShOR-2, T.Ivashchenko)

"gold" - Oleg SUBBOTKO (69кг, light - contact, Kherson)

"gold" - Alexander BELY (74кг, light - contact, SDYuSShOR-2, A.Kozachenko)

"gold" - Alexander ILYIN (79кг, light - contact, SDYuSShOR-2, N. Hadzhioglo)

Juniors (1993-94):


"gold" - Vladimir MOTSAR (40кг, light - contact, Kherson)

"gold" - Alexander KUDRYASHOV (50кг, light - contact, DYuSSh-5, V. Gogolev)

"gold" - Andrey PODNEBESNOV (55кг, light - contact, TsGS, G. Hozyainov)

"gold" - Yury BONDARENKO (60кг, light - contact, Kherson)

"gold" - Vadim OMELCHENKO (65кг, light - contact, Spartak, Krasivsky)

"gold" - Konstantin CHERNO (70кг, light - contact, TsGS, O. of Shevchenko)

Cadets (1995-96):


"gold" - Evgeny VITKOVSKY (40кг, light - contact, TsGS, G. Hozyainov)

"gold" - Vladimir LISOVSKY (45кг, light - contact, Kherson)

"gold" - Denis DYRENKO (50кг, light - contact, SDYuSShOR-2, A.Kozachenko)

"gold" - Filip POPOV (55кг, light - contact, SDYuSShOR-2, S. Hvorov)

"gold" - Vitaly SENDENKO (65кг, light - contact, Spartak, Krasivsky)

Young men (1998-99):


"gold" - Vladislav PAVLENKO (30кг, light - contact, SDYuSShOR-2, R. of Chkheidze)

"gold" - Ilya MIKHEYEV (35кг, light - contact, DYuSSh-5, Dunayevsky)

"gold" - Vladimir TOKAR (50кг, light - contact, Kherson)



"gold" - Nastya BOOTH (50кг, light - contact, DYuSSh-5, Dunayevsky)

"gold" - Katya ZAGORODNYA (63кг, light - contact, SDYuSShOR-2, T.Ivashchenko)

It is pleasant that pupils of the young trainer Tatyana Ivashchenko weekly continue to win the champion titles, at once two became strongest this time! That little Vlad Pavlenko showed character, again left in a ring, and from now on - the Champion in light - contact.


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