In Nikolaev in one yard robbed at once 5 cars, 4 more were damaged in next

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Thefts from cars continue to excite both owners of a car, and militiamen as every day automobile thieves everything become more courageous, and thefts - are more large-scale.

So, the other day, since Sunday on Monday, in Nikolaev in one of the yards in the residential district Salt unknown robbed 5 cars - "Mercedes", "Deu - Lanos", "Chevrolet", "Nisan - Micro" and "Zhiguli".

In all 5 cases hooligans, having broken glass from driver's sitting, stole from cars of an autoradio tape recorder and other valuable things. In "Mercedes" thieves managed to steal even a billiard cue and a case with disks which lay on a back seat of the car, reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

From similar "swells" suffered as well the car owners living in the neighboring yard. There hooligans damaged 4 cars. As eyewitnesses told, on these cars disks were removed from wheels, and also glasses are broken and tires are punctured. Probably, this work of the same people.

Due to the become frequent automobile thefts, car owners need to remember simple rules - to save the car from malefactors, it is necessary to clean always from car salon all subjects which can draw attention of the thief and provoke it to breaking. It is necessary to pay also attention that part of victims often behave incorrectly. Having found out that in the car glass is broken, and from salon the property is stolen, the owner of the car clears salon of splinters and goes on the same car to police station, at all without suspecting that the it would seem quite logical actions destroys traces of crime. Therefore if your car nevertheless robbed, at once you call in militia.


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