The new book about the Nikolaev landing

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Signal handheld transceiver of a landing party of Konstantin Olshansky - "Sword" - was included in the name of the new documentary book devoted to liberators of Nikolaev and published by publishing house of Irina Gudy.

The author of the edition, our fellow countryman Valery Ivanovich Tsyganov, the captain 3-го a rank in resignation, devoted it to the father, Ivan Mikhaylovich Tsyganov - the commander 45 - mm of the artillery battery 384-го a separate Nikolaev battalion of marines of the Black Sea fleet Decorated with the Order of the Red Banner. That battalion in the ranks of which heroic paratroopers - olshanets battled.

After that, in the first and only time in the Great Patriotic War, 68 members of one military division became Heroes of the Soviet Union. For comparison: in war of the Hero 139 seamen on all fleet of the USSR were entitled, sailors of the Black Sea Fleet among them - 89.

The book presentation to the general reader took place in the Museum of shipbuilding and fleet which included it in a cycle of the actions devoted to the future 65 - to the anniversary of liberation of Nikolaev from German - fascist invaders. The day before here the exhibition of samples of military equipment of the XX century opened, and those who came to presentation, before it with pleasure surveyed killing exhibits.

For the years which have passed from that wartime, not one ten historians and journalists became researchers of a nice way of the Nikolaev landing. The first of them, whose thin book which is storing among multikilogram collection of documents of Valery Tsyganov, left in 1946, there was the Soviet writer Lagin - that who created an unforgettable image of the old man Hottabycha. And Valery Ivanovich got down to the research work 40 years ago. I pushed him to it accident.

In the Black Sea "Nakhimov" school the course "Stories Voyenno — Sea Art" was given. Valery Tsyganov should have written the paper about the Nikolaev landing of 1944.

Since then Valery Tsyganov "lit up" this subject. Two - three times a year, according to him, it happens in the cities where there live participants and witnesses of events "storm" 44-го.

In day of presentation of the book Valery Ivanovich admitted that has also feeling of pleasure from the end of long-term work, and feeling of disappointment:during edition preparation for printing it found new unique documents, photos, attestations of eyewitnesses, including memoirs of the brother K.F. Olshansky Nikolay whom Tsyganov met last year and which, to a great regret, already anything to them won't add - N. F. Olshansky died at the beginning of 2009 at the age of 90 years.

So in "Blow of "Sword" 20 information available for Tsyganov on a legendary landing were concentrated only percent. "The more I am engaged in its destiny - the arises at me questions on some moments" more, - the author of the book admits. Well, it is a share of each real researcher.

In the book biographic data on paratroopers of OBMP under the leadership of the major Fedor Kotanov, documentary data on operation on release of our city, prize sheets of marines, archival documents are scrupulously collected. The fighting way of a battalion is tracked from settlements of the Azov coast to the ports of Bulgaria and Romania.

Valery Ivanovich thus asks a question: why on granite plates the Nikolaev Eternal flame where names of Heroes of the Soviet Union - liberators of the city are beaten out, has no surname of the Hero of the Soviet Union the paratrooper Stryukov who has received "the Gold Star" for fight for the Luparevsky beacon, and 4-5-more ти people? This field of activity for young and adult "pathfinders", is considered by the author of the book.


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