About what power engineering specialists are silent?

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The national ecological center of Ukraine (NETsU) prepared the new documentary film "About what power engineering specialists are silent? ", devoted to the social and ecological threats connected with construction of hydroheat-sink power plants (pumped storage power plant).

In the movie the facts which visually disprove the myths connected with construction in Ukraine by pumped storage power plant are collected: real shots of building sites of Dniester and Tashlyksky pumped storage power plant, the certificate of people which were bent under freight of noncompensated consequences of construction, interview to independent experts who speak as about possible serious environmental and technological hazards, and about inexpediency of an expenditure of public funds for projects of constructions 70-80-x of last century.

Recently from lips of the highest officials of the country greetings of energy drinks on the occasion of introduction in operation of the first, skilled hydrounit greatest in Europe on Dniester pumped storage power plant sounded. But who knows also who responsible for those losses which are put to local population? Compulsory resettlement or, even worse, not resettlement from an influence zone; lack of drinking water, dust and noise pollution, unrealized promises of socially economic development of the area - don't report about all this in the official chronicle. Any confirmation of economic validity of pumped storage power plant as best method of the solution of a question of peaks in a power network wasn't published though independent experts know and speak about cheaper and safer methods, reports the National ecological center of Ukraine.

The national ecological center of Ukraine - one of the first public non-profitable organizations of national level in independent Ukraine, urged to protect a human right on qualitative life in safe environment.


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