Ministry of Health warns: Chernovetsky's posthumous initiatives are dangerous even to lifetime health

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Ministry of Health considers illegal the decision of the Kiev city council on creation of city pathoanatomical bureau.

I reported a press about it - Ministry service.

Ministry of Health notes that according to regulatory base of the ministry pathoanatomical offices can't be reorganized or liquidated for creation of pathoanatomical bureau, and the property of these offices can't be alienated from medical institutions into which patotdeleniye enter, or to be transferred to operational management of bureau.

The ministry also assumes that transfer of patotdeleniye to management of bureau can lead further to alienation of the land plots on which offices and are located to use of these sites not to destination that already took place in a number of medical institutions, in particular, in Aleksandrovsky hospital.

In addition, the ministry is afraid that as according to Kiyevsovet's decision the pathoanatomical bureau has to be created in the form of separately legal person, his relations with hospitals have to be under construction on a contractual basis, and considering practice of the Kiev authorities on introduction of paid services in medicine and an unstable economic situation in the country, it can lead to that hospitals won't be able to receive separate important патуслуги, concerning lifetime diagnostics (morphological researches of operational materials, examination of quality of diagnostics and treatment on a basis clinic - morphological comparisons) that can lead to medical errors.

Ministry of Health addressed in the State Office of Public Prosecutor, the National Security and Defense Council, and other authorities with a request to take measures for stay of rough violations of the law at creation of the Kiev pathoanatomical bureau.


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