MBK "Nikolaev" lost fight in Poltava

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Basketball. Superleague. BQ "Poltava" - MBK "Nikolaev" - 91:75 (21:23, 17:13, 28:19, 25:20)

Before game
On start of the third circle of the regular championship полтавчан tested last year's vice-and the champion. And beginners of a superleague looked quite adequately. So, they didn't concede to "Azovmash" in one of quarters more than 5 points (joint account 95:81 in favor of mariupolets). The recruit of the Poltava team Jason Uellz was the most productive on a platform. 32- to the summer American worked well for 7 of 10 neighbors, and also 2 of 3 throws from - for arches. With a height of 202 cm it as it is visible, equally dangerous to rivals at any distance, possible to an aim throw.
So, though it is pleasant to think of BQ "Poltava" as about our only rival against whom nikolayevets won both previous duels in the regular championship, it is necessary to be adjusted on heavy fight.


"Poltava" - MBK "Nikolaev" - 91:75 (21:23, 17:13, 28:19, 25:20)On February 7, Hall of sport center of the Poltava plant of medical glass. 300 viewers.
Productivity (points/minutes in game)
Head coach Ramunas TSVIRKAHead coach Vladimir FIELDS
Accuracy of throws (threw/got)
Selections (the шит / stranger)
Judges:B. Saffron milk cap, A. Shirobokov (both is Kiev), Andrey Kratko (Kharkov)
CommissionerIgor Pedyev (Odessa)

Teams in turn conducted in the account, without releasing each other in a separation. Poltavchane thus distributed loading between the basketball players in attack more evenly. And here at nikolayevets the main responsibility was assumed by Gladyr, Gilevich and Jackson. Thus guests realized 9 of 12 penal throws. But never hit the mark from - for arches. The only attempt with violation of the rules was interrupted by Shchkurupy, and Gladyr precisely punched basketball "penalties" - 21:23.
In a debut of the second period owners of a platform made decent breakthrough - 10:4. The answer of guests followed already when the gap increased in the account to 8 points.Tryulnik executed Jackson, and here his partners smeared. Considering that Gladyryu in this period managed to be hammered only once, our rivals obviously succeeded in strengthening of the defensive orders - 38:36.
The third period again started from dictation of owners of a platform. At nikolayevets the first series of throws added nothing on a board. When Jackson and Gladyr again began to hammer, the gap in the account was reduced was to a minimum. And here to us answered with our favourite weapon - tryulnik - Klemons and Kozyavichus. Nikolayevets didn't manage to formulate the worthy answer simply - 66:55.
Worse, as after a two-minute break guests too "got used" to this modest role. Gilevich managed to bring to the team the first points only on 3-й and 4-й minutes. By this time to the poltachena so strengthened the advantage that it was necessary to hope only for a miracle. In basketball it means, as a rule, a series of tryulnik. But at the Nikolaev truckers after Donetsk "on the mountain" the sight wasn't restored. Whereas rivals attacked according to the planned schemes, threw from a distance closer, and in case of misses more than once took away a rebound. So - 91:75.

After game
The head coach of MBK "Nikolaev" Vladimir Polyakh among the first reasons of defeat of the team called loss in fight under boards. At everything thus that to the poltavchena have no over our team of advantage in growth, they only due to the best selection received fifteen excess attacks. Blair and Hlebovitski for two collected only six rebounds.
And in general, if at rivals everyone played the usual game - any special personal achievements, at us only Gladyr, Gilevich and Jackson were similar to himself. It if to speak about productivity. In other components of game trainers have a mass of claims to all without exception to basketball players. And it is absolutely unclear why so poorly played Rajevski and Onufriyev.
In the previous duel the rival was simply weaker - one of leaders of a superleague. However the spirit of one basketball players of MBK of "Nikolaev" was transferred to partners, and as a result all played at the highest level and won. In Poltava our team carried out the most part of a match at low speeds. Only when our basketball players added in movement, game was leveled. However in the second half of a match nikolayevets "went on foot". By the way, anybody before game had no complaints to injuries or an indisposition.

Review of round

19-й round. On February 7
The chemist - Azovmash - 80:85
BQ Donetsk - BQ Kiev-80:81
Pulsar - Sumykhimprom -88:63

In the next round two applicants for medals of the championship accepted the most probable finalists of these competitions. P. Thaker returned to structure of Donetsk "tigers" that, along with recently signed Alexander, spoke about claims of wards of I. Migliniyeks not only for "bronze". Fight turned out fascinating. And all - capital "wolves" proved the high class. Advancing owners of a platform after three periods on 5 points, they till last seconds didn't lose all this handicap. Rodríguez tried was to transfer game to an overtime, but missed from - for arches, and won selection Owens only reduced a gap in the account to a minimum.
Similarly events and in Youzhny developed. Mariupoltsa perfectly started. Owners of a platform persistently pursued the titled rivals and even came forward in the account. Thus the Bulgarian legionary Evtimov didn't participate in game, and Serbian Chanak looked not really competitive against "big" of "Azovmash". And Ale - Amin and Srapinas provided to guests quite comfortable finish.
Game in Exactly justified the most courageous hopes … local fans. "Pulsar" from beginning to end owned an initiative. And Sumy "chemists" both at Endriyaytis, and at Shaptale could oppose nothing to owners of a platform.

AndInПР / aboutAbout
1BQ OF CUES191721621:134636
4BQ DONETSK181171503:139729
5MBK NIKOLAEV196131405:162425
8BQ POLTAVA194151475:161023

20-й round. On February 19
The chemist - BQ Kiev
On February 21
Azovmash - BQ Donetsk
BQ Poltava - Sumykhimprom
MBK Nikolaev - Pulsar


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