The Nikolaev canoeists - Olympians Azerbaijan

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In spite of the fact that the economic crisis concerned not only Ukraine, but also many countries, it doesn't prevent them to use opportunity to buy or entice to itself the good athlete. So it happened and to our athletes - canoeists - Maxim Prokopenko and Sergey Bezugly who will support now a national team of Azerbaijan.

Like anything also didn't foretell transition of these athletes to other national team, but nevertheless it occurred. To find out why they decided to leave the native land, edition of "N News" addressed to the head of department concerning physical culture and sport Nikolaev YEAH to Alexander Sadovsky.

- Migration of athletes was present always, even when there were best times, - Alexander Sadovsky told. - Today we endure not the best, but also not the worst time. Athletes pass from one area into another, someone leaves us, and someone comes to us.

As Alexander Vitalyevich noted, at present Nikolayevshchina can't be compared to such "monsters" as Donetsk, Odessa, Lugansk, Kiev, Kharkov areas in respect of financing, but can make the worthy competition in respect of a gain of medals.

- That Maxim Prokopenko and Sergey Bezugly left, it, of course, loss because today they were indisputable leaders of a national team of Ukraine, - Alexander Sadovsky continued conversation. - But if already to speak about the future, the Nikolaev school of rowing always was the leader in Ukraine and soon worthy change from young perspective athletes will be prepared.

In spite of the fact that children left the city and native team, thus nobody lowered a hand.

In conversation Alexander Sadovsky shared the reasonings on life of athletes.

- I where - that at heart understand children. Sports life is a short life, and all try at peak of a form to receive for this period at most. But I can't understand such leaving of children, it would be necessary to communicate to trainer's structure and to come to the general agreement.But they arrived absolutely on - to another: "on the quiet" made the decision, and us presented with a fait accompli in the last turn.

As it became known, to children in Azerbaijan offered a high salary and housing. But whether these promises will be kept, will show time, for now....

- Everything that was in our forces we executed, - Alexander Vitalyevich summed up. - The new modern boat, oars was bought. When children weren't involved in the area of a national team of Ukraine, it carried out collecting on a place. And, in spite of the fact that they were supported actively by regional federation of rowing of a kayak and a canoe, we have today here such here result. But as it became known quite recently, the federation of Ukraine of rowing of a kayak and a canoe appealed in the international federation of a ban of speech of athletes at the international competitions, the answer was received that without consent federation of Ukraine athletes won't be allowed to competitions under the flag of other state. And that will be will show time further....


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