Intelligence services think why "Faina's" captain

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On Wednesday evening released after 4 - monthly capture by the Somali pirates the vessel "Faina" with the Ukrainian crew expect in the Kenyan port of Mombasa.

As reported "Today" a press - the secretary of the head of Service of foreign intelligence of Ukraine Alexander Skripnik, "for crew and freight safety the vessel is accompanied by the military ships of Naval Forces of the USA, and on "Faina" the division of the American special troops" continues to remain.

"To Kenya members of replaceable crew, physicians, representatives of the Ukrainian producers of equipment will arrive by flight", - he added.

Meanwhile, in the Ukrainian intelligence services the question is discussed: of what actually "Faina's" captain, the citizen of Russia Vladimir Kolobkov (according to the official version, he died from heart attack before which there was a hypertensive crisis) died. And after all Koloboks could know where freight on "Faina" really goes.

The newspaper notes that the leader of the Somali pirates Shamun Indabur in interview to the American magazine Newsweek told a month ago that "Faina's" captain showed it ship documents in which it is accurately specified: the Ukrainian arms, including tanks T-72, antiaircraft installations and ammunition went to Sudan, instead of to Kenya as it was approved officially.

Doctors concerning Kolobkov's death which occurred right after "Faina's" capture by pirates, can't give the definite "correspondence" answer.

As the skilled neurosurgeon, the doctor of medical sciences Orest Tsimeyko told, "it is difficult to judge, without knowing all facts of the case and without having on hands of the conclusions of forensic scientists... but if at the captain as it was reported, in that stressful situation pressure really made 290 on 210, the final was predetermined".

At the same time, native Kolobkov say that with health he had no problems. It 18 - the summer daughter Lyudmila told that the father never complained of heartaches.

"It easily passed medical board, and it always had pressure in norm. Therefore we with mother don't trust in hypertensive crisis. We communicated with experts, and we have versions of incident. We were told that on the eve of death at it very strongly jumped up pressure, but then it brought down. I think, blood clot could come off such sharp differences at it", - she told.

"And still, understanding what cargo liability on it, it could keep independently the watch though the captain of it shouldn't do. It didn't fall down almost, drank many coffee and smoked. I think, it too could play a role. Suspicions that killed the father, at us isn't present... ", - I added the daughter of the victim captain "Faina".


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