GUS in the Nikolaev area states rise in prices for EVERYTHING!

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The Consumer Price Index (CPI) across Ukraine in January of this year made 102,9%. The prices grew in all regions of the country, without exception.

On the IPTs Nikolaev area I made 102,7%. The rise in prices is mainly caused by a rise in price of household appliances, audio equipment and the equipment for information processing, pharmaceutical production, and also the majority of names of food. About it reports GUS in the Nikolaev area.

For the first month of year in the consumer market of area food rose in price for 3,4%. Significantly grew in price vegetables - for 12% and fruit - for 9,7%.

Considerably fish and fish products - rose in price for 6%, in particular, seafood - for 10,4%, dried, smoked, salty fish and seafood - for 9,1%.

Meat and meat products grew in price for 3,4%, from them fowl - for 6,3%, pork - for 4,3%, beef - for 3,1%.

In the nonfood consumer market of area in January of this year in the health care sphere the rise in prices made 6,8%, generally under the influence of a rise in price of pharmaceutical production for 10,4% and services of hospitals (sanatorno - resort institutions) - for 28,3%.

Rise in prices for 5,1% in the sphere of transport is caused, first of all, by a gasoline rise in price for 10%, growth of cost of service and repair of personal vehicles - for 16,9%.

Rest and culture rose in price for 4,3%. It is greatest grew in price fresh flowers - for 9,9%, audio equipment, a photo - and the computer equipment - for 6,4%, tourist services - for 5,7%.


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