The Ukrainian science loses positions

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From 1996 for 2007 Ukraine is in a rating of scientific efficiency on the 33rd place among 233 countries of the world, and by results of 2007 - fell to the 40th place in a rating. Results of the research conducted by the public organization The Ukrainian Scientific Club, the Zerkalo Nedeli Newspaper Reports are that.

As the executive director of the Ukrainian scientific club Natalya Shulga told the edition, the index of citing of the reviewed publications of the Ukrainian scientists and full members of National academy of Sciences, and also similar data on scientific publications of scientific other countries of the world became a basis of a rating.

"From 233 analysed countries of the world Ukraine on scientific efficiency for the period in 12 years is on 33 - m a place, conceding to Singapore and having slightly overtaken Argentina", - she reported.

"If to take results of 2007, we were rolled away on 40-е a place. Now Ukraine already concedes to Thailand and advances Egypt a little. If we are farther in science so to move forward, soon we will be overtaken by Uganda", - Natalya Shulga added.

Nevertheless, she noted, research showed that in Ukraine there is a number of the scientists recognized and quoted in the world.

"There are bright representatives in biology. In NANU there is a group of strong physicists and mathematicians. Though it doesn't prevent section to incorporate the people not known in the world of science. Very evenly also the chemistry office is well presented. All other offices have both brilliant, and very mediocre scientists. Why many of them were elected in academicians, the question remains open", - the director of the Ukrainian scientific club commented.

Natalya Shulga is convinced: at limited resources and a difficult political situation in the country the science needs to be used more effectively.

"For the correct distribution of scientific resources it is necessary to use objective selection criteria. Certainly, it is necessary to support those scientists or young scientists who made discoveries and can move further.It is necessary to promote in every possible way to them that they remained in the country, to finance their work, to give opportunities to create good laboratories", - she emphasized.

The director of scientific club also called strategically short-sighted that Ukraine very easily leaves the intellectuals.

"Ukraine loses much in the image from - that her authors give the works to other countries. The country, its institutes have to shine in works of the Ukrainian scientists. Otherwise it loses the credit which could receive", - the director of the Ukrainian scientific club considers.


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