In Nikolaev opponents of the Maidan and dissatisfied with demolition of a monument are going to capture Lenina YEAH and to take the power in hand

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In Nikolaev, on Lenin Square near a monument of Geroyam-olshantsam gathered about 500 people dissatisfied with yesterday's demolition of a monument to Lenin.

The correspondent reports to Crime about it ". Is NOT PRESENT" from a place of events. 

(Chronology of events from below up)

15:00 "Titushki" grabbed hand of the correspondent "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", threatened it with punishment.

- Maybe you will release a hand? - the correspondent addressed to the aggressive guy.

- Maybe I will release, and maybe I will cut down, - he answered.

During procession of defenders of a monument to the leader of the proletariat on the main street of Nikolaev any police officer didn't accompany a column. 

14:55Column of opponents of the Maidan reached Regional palace of culture and comes back on Soviet Geroyam-olshantsam to a monument. In the direction of a column some especially aggressive young people in sportswear repeatedly threatened the correspondent "to Crime. There is", no shining event on the place, similar statements: "We still will meet, take care". 

14:46 Lenin'sAll gathered defenders after unsuccessful attempts to block Admiralskaya Street, without having waited for the chief облУМВД the general Sednev, decided to walk simply down the street Soviet to Lenin Avenue and back. Chant "Nikolaev, get up!" and "The fascism won't pass". At the head of a column there is an activist of movement of the godfather Vladimir Putin Victor Medvedchuk"Ukrainian choice " 20-year-old Andrey Goncharuk

14:30 Opponents of the Maidan stated intentions to block movement down the street Admiral's. The militia didn't allow them to make it, having built on the sidewalk along the road. Young people in the sportswear, aggressively adjusted, periodically forbid the correspondent "to Crime. There are no them" to remove, documents demand from it and state in its party of a curse. 

14:19 From the improvised scene the young man declared: "Kiev any more capital. We won't submit to the 4th Reich.Nikolaev - not the Maidan, we will take the power in hand and we won't submit to the Supreme Zrada". 

14:16 two SUVs Approached. To them mudflows about 10-15 people also went to Sadovaya Street where the Nikolaev Maidan carries out memorial service. 

14:10 Militia brought the paddywagon on Lenin Square. At some opponents of the Maidan bludgeons under jackets are noticed. Now them under monuments to olshanets about 300 people - their number decreased. People promise to leave under a monument of Geroyam-olshantsam every day at 18:00. It is known that in 50 meters from this place the Nikolaev Maidan gathers every day. 

14:06 Ten people in sportswear and with bandage on sleeves went on Admiral's towards Sadovaya Street. They are aggressively adjusted, chant "Fascism won't pass". Some of them in masks. As it was reported, on Sadovaya Street now the Nikolaev Maidan carries out memorial service on victims on the Independence Maidan during collisions with security officers. 

14:04 Opponents of the Maidan declared that tomorrow them even more people will gather and they intend to send Yury Granaturov, the secretary of the Nikolaev city council which has left yesterday Party of Regions, to Kiev that he "looked there at stability". 

14:00 People urge lawyers to help them with preparation of any documents. 

13:58 . From the improvised scene under a monument of Geroyev-olshantsam activists declared:" Shame of the power which in one day changed the color. She betrayed ideas of those who stood on protection YEAH from visitors of fascists. The power simply wants to remain. We won't allow the galitsky power". 

13:53 Militia departed on some distance from a congestion place of "Lenin's defenders" and opponents of the Maidan. From some people the alcohol smell is audible. 

13:50Young people in sportswear and with bandages on hands decided not to go on Sadovaya Street to the Nikolaev Maidan. But the decision on creation of "national teams" that "to help militia to protect the city from fascists" is made. People continue to wait for Yury Sednev to discuss with him further cooperation in city patrol. The wish to maydanovets sounded to burn in a hell. 

13:36 To the square there arrived Andrey Goncharuk, the activist Nikolaev "The Ukrainian choice".Young people in sportswear gather and going to go for the Nikolaev Maidan which is on Sadovaya Street. The weapon, sticks in their hands it isn't visible, however on them masks and on sleeves - gauze bandages and and bandage are put on. Some people dissuade guys to go to the Maidan. 

On Lenin Square, near a monument Olshantsam is about 50 police officers in full ammunition - they cost to groups till 5-10 people on territory perimeter. 

13:25People hold in hand flags of movement of Victor Medvedchuk "The Ukrainian choice", "The Russian unity" and Natalya Vitrenko's party. They declared that will be on the square hour while to them there won't arrive the chief of the Nikolaev regional management of militia Yury Sednev and won't tell where now there are fighters of Nikolaev "Golden eagle". 

- If Sednev doesn't come, we will go to him under the building of the Department of Internal Affairs. If there it to us doesn't leave, we will go and we will occupy the regional state administration, - people declared. 

According to people, they don't recognize laws which are adopted the last three days by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and consider them not legitimate as they weren't signed by the president. Therefore defenders of a monument Lenina refuse to recognize these laws. 

- It is necessary to take the power in hand as it do in Donetsk, Lugansk and Kharkov, - nikolayevets speak.

Correspondent "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" tells that people on the square intend to enter and occupy the regional state administration building. It is worth reminding that the last month these people stood on protection of the building YEAH from possible storm by visitors from the Western Ukraine radicals. 

Meanwhile, young people in sportswear start knitting gauze bandages and "brevy bandage" to themselves on hands, to dress on mask faces. Such people already about 100. They say that are going to go on Sadovaya Street where now passes meeting of the Nikolaev Maidan. 

People chant "Slava Berkutu! " and "The fascism won't pass! ". 

We will remind that earlier defenders of a monument to Lenin in Nikolaev were organized on the page of the activist «Ukrainian choice» Andrey Goncharuka in a social network of «VKontakte» that with sticks, bits, brass knuckles and the traumatic weapon to revenge activists of the Maidan for demolition of a monument to the leader of communism.

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