In Nikolayevshchina three 13 - summer schoolgirls in the territory several cemeteries crushed 100 graves

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In the Nikolaev area three 13 - summer schoolgirls from Voznesensk, decided that they belong to the informal organization and went to smash cemeteries.

About the 18th o'clock in the evening, the girl - teenagers got through a fence of one of Voznesensky of cemeteries and started destroying graves. On the way they broke wooden crosses, broke tombstones and scattered wreaths. About it reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

For one evening of the little girl damaged on two cemeteries about 100! graves. Watchmen of cemeteries when saw such picture in the protected territory in the morning, caused at once militia. Week was necessary for guards to establish the main suspects of vandalism commission. Girls left a set of traces on a crime scene. The trick of minors at once received a resonance in the city. Except a moral aspect of this question arises also a material aspect. How many it is necessary means to restore 100! monuments.

At present girls are on recognizance not to leave. All of them from safe families and never came into the view of militia. On - seen in due time with them in an unseemly way educational work was carried out, after all often girls skipped lessons.

On this fact the investigation is carried.


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