In the center of Nikolaev was thousands action «let's Defend Ukraine together»

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On Sunday, March 2, in the center of Nikolaev began citywide rally «Protect Ukraine are together».

So, people gather in the square of Europe in its center, on Sadovaya street between Potemkin and Bolshaya Morskaya. Participation in the action took about 3.5-4 thousand people.

Soon there will be photo and video from the action...

13:11. Gathered at the rally people in termination of the action sang a hymn of Ukraine.

13:08. The head of the Mykolaiv regional Council Taras Cremini have read a resolution of the Mykolaiv rally «Protect Ukraine together»:

«We, the residents of Mykolayiv region, citizens of Ukraine, stand for unity, indivisibility and unity of our Motherland.

Today, in the name of this Supreme goal, we have to forget about party flags, ideological differences and the recent confrontations, and finally understand that we are a United Ukrainian nation.

Whatever language we haven't talked in a Church of the Patriarchate did not go, we all want peace, tranquility and harmony.

We want to live in a sovereign, democratic state, to be sure of their future and future of their children.

Therefore we appeal to all people with the appeal to keep calm, balanced and faith in Ukraine, to prevent chaos, looting and lynching.

Doesn't matter now nothing that we can disconnect it only makes sense then that is common for everyone, confidence and love to Ukraine.

Let's unite, brothers and sisters, Motherland, like her mother, we have one!» 

13:05. Known Nikolaev poet Dmitry Cremini urged citizens not to focus on the nostalgia for the Soviet past.

"I know what war is; I would not like to have such things in our region, " said the poet. 

13:02. On poles around the square plastered with posters «Fri FSO».

12:57. Deputy head of Mykolayiv regional Council, MP from the Party of regions Alexander Smirnov:

- The authorities should remove the radical elements and provocateurs from the streets. Call on all political forces give up ambitions and forget insults, to unite with the people in the name of preserving the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.

12:55. The student President of Ukraine, николаевец Nikolay Dmitriev:

- All want peace and quiet, that the country prospered. 

Первый зам председателя ГП «Администрация морпортов Украины» Александр Голодницкий
Председатель Николаевской областной организации партии "УДАР" Давид Макарьян
Известный николаевский боксер Олег Машкин

12:45. Hero of Ukraine Mykola Romanchuk thanked Nicholas police and military, that its work has provided calm in the city.  

They did not allow today burned the city of shipbuilders.

- Will it be hard today and tomorrow because it came to power as the sole legitimate government.

12:38. Performs teacher Alena Abramova:

- I am a representative of the Russian-speaking population of Nikolaev and no one has ever prevented me from speaking Russian! We are civilians, we don't want war.  

12:32. Renowned Mykolayiv boxer Oleg Машкин said that during his long career, always found a common language with colleagues both from Western and Eastern Ukraine.  

- In Nikolaev no fascists in Nikolaev are peaceful people! Glory To Ukraine!  

12:28. The rector of the Chechen state University of a name of P. Graves Leonid Klimenko he urged citizens not to yield to provocations.

- I do not want us to live in Побужской unrecognized Republic. I want to live in a civilized country.

Something that was for us with the demolition of the monument reminds me of the Reichstag fire to cause provocations.

Klimenko said that a military invasion of Russia can considerably worsen the condition of education in Ukraine, as it happened in Transnistria and Abkhazia.

Ректор ЧГУ им. Петра Могилы Леонид Клименко

12:26. The crowd shouting "Putin, get out!".

12:18. Made Hero Of Ukraine Oleksiy Vadaturskyy. Called Communists and deputies from the Party of regions to unite around the idea indivisible Ukraine.

- Today is your leader fled, you must be one with the people.

- We live in a country called Ukraine. I don't want to live in Ukraine, in which it is necessary to give bribes.   

- We will win, we will be a civilized European country, " said Vadaturskyy. 

12:03. At the meeting present an interim mayor Yuri Nikolaev Гранатуров and his Deputy Yury Andrienko, acting head of Mykolayiv regional state administration Vladimir lust, a number of deputies of Mykolayiv city and regional Council from the Party of Regions, in particular factions leaders Alexander Demyanov and Felix Olshevsky, members of the «Batkivshchyna» Alexander Жолобецкий, Oksana Janiszewski, as well as heroes of Ukraine Mykola Romanchuk and Oleksiy Vadaturskyy. 

Депутаты горсовета Сергей Сидорук, Владимир Топчий и временный мэр Юрий Гранатуров
Учительница Алена Абрамова
Алексей Вадатурский (по центру)

Депутат облсовета Юрий Кормышкин
Глава фракции ПР в облсовете Феликс Ольшевский
Депутат горсовета Олег Богомаз

11:55. For public order during the action the attention of the police in full gear, which are located along the perimeter of the rally. In the centre of the square install speakers, equipping the improvised stage.

11:45. People gradually come to the square of Europe, their number increases. The traffic police blocked the traffic along the Sadovaya street (from the side of the Lenin Avenue in the direction of Admiral), so that the citizens were able to move freely. 

All the participants were published without the party of flags-only flags of Ukraine. Some residents hands tied ribbons with the colors of the Ukrainian flag and ribbons in the form of a flag of the European Union. Also the Mykolayiv carry placards with the inscription "I'm against the war".

Вадим Богданов

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