The customer of murder of the Director of Kherson market Шпинд trying to be released as a «political prisoner»

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Владимир Шпинда
Vladimir Шпинд, former President of the Boxing club «Kherson», former co-founder of Shumen market of the city of Kherson, which in 2006 was arrested, and in 2009 was sentenced to life in prison for ordering the murder of Igor Пантал, Director of this market today is trying to be released as a «political prisoner», using the situation in the country.

For that is the pressure on the court, and organized protest actions under the people's court demanding to release him. About it «» informed sources in the Ship district court of the city of Nikolayev, where today is the revision of the criminal case on Шпинд and even a number of bandits, accused of killing 11 people.

So, initially the investigation proved that Vladimir Шпинд ordered the murder of his partner Igor Пантал - money killer passed wife Шпинд Natalia bakhvalova.

«» contacted the wife of the deceased Igor Пантал, one of the victims in this case, Ludmila Пантала. According to her, she was also informed about preparation of attempts to «pull» Шпинд from prison under the sound of the waves» as a political prisoner.

- This is not the first such shares, these shares everything just paid accomplices, whom he does not produce, Sergienko there is one, which sponsored it, and in prison, and his attorneys. Already was such a campaign «Freedom to Vladimir Шпинд!». For what it freedom? 11 bodies on him, the bastard, see? So now I want it say it is political! He now wants to the sound of the waves to slip as political. What he is political, it is with 2006 closed, there's a whole gang is sitting. I know that it prepares under the court again the action «Freedom Vladimir Шпинд!» the man of 30. I just know that his fellow villagers in the village was told that his mother went to hand out all the money, there drunkards some people live for 20-30 UAH, and Sergienko, former Director refills, gave vans, and he brought the people. They stood in a court building and were shouting «Freedom to Vladimir Шпинд!» - said Lyudmila.

Акция под Корабельным районным судом Николаева летом 2013 года

According to her, during the hearing of Шпинд constantly attempts of pressure on the court, shoots, «the theatrical performances with cutting veins in a courtroom, as previously already it was reported.

- He is so inadequate, he already cut their veins, and when it was arrested in 2006, he saw a performer, he jumped out of a window of 3rd floor of office of public Prosecutor of Odessa, and then he says that he was beaten, he was thrown out from a window. The bastard is still the same... He thought then, what will flee away, and broke her hip bones. In fact, 62 volume 11 victims and from Nikolaev, and Kherson. This Шпинд just scoffs: he, as soon as he sees that I come to the meeting, immediately he had a headache, and the court have humane - cancels the meeting. And it Nikolaev, this is not Kherson, well I can't live there, - said the wife of the murdered Igor Пантал.

In addition, she noted that Vladimir Шпинд constantly ringing with his accomplices, who are in jail, and tells them that they need to speak in court and how to answer questions.

- The first trial in the Appellate court of the Mykolaiv region, where Шпинд and Ivanouski was sentenced to life. The rest Pakhomov and Moskalenko case returned from the General Prosecutor's office that Pakhomov and Moskalenko was given a little time. It is now being revised isn't Шпинд. Man, on which so much blood, well, what can he expect? Yes, he can now under the sound of the waves, while this is happening in the country, he will not выскакать. In the Rada well has stated that freedom give only political prisoners, who were detained on the Maidan. And he did well on that political action will not go, - said Lyudmila of Пантал. 

As is known, Vladimir Шпинд comes from Snigirevskaya district, Nikolaev region.

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