Social adaptation – the main problem of the people released from colonies

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On February 25 with the assistance of the deputy governor Vladimir Lusta meeting of the supervisory commission took place at the regional state administration concerning protection of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens which are released from imprisonment places.

At the beginning of meeting the deputy head of department of Department concerning performance of punishments of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area Vladimir Korenovsky informed gathered that in the area territory for 2008 on the account in law-enforcement bodies was 1328 persons released from places of imprisonment. The main problems of such persons are absence of documents and impossibility of employment.

Today in corrective colonies of area contains 4386 condemned, including 56 persons of old age and 55 disabled people. From them only 50 condemned have passports. On the account it is criminal - executive inspection of management of State department concerning performance of punishments of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area is 5312 persons condemned to punishments, not connected with imprisonment.

According to the order of the governor Alexey Garkusha, in each area and in the city of regional value the supervisory commission which has to care of the persons released from places of imprisonment is created. 776 people addressed to such commissions. By results of consideration of addresses documents of 136 people are renewed, help in employment of 68 people is given, are provided with housing of 7 people, directed on study of 18 people, on treatment - 108 people, on accommodation in houses - boarding schools of stationary offices for continuous accommodation of lonely disabled citizens, a shelter for persons without a certain place of residence 9 people

are arranged

As Vladimir Lusta emphasized, a question of social adaptation of the persons released from places of imprisonment, is on continuous control of the regional power. But at the same time the power thinks not only of those who is released from imprisonment places, but also about whom they will meet in society. Therefore the special attention is paid to a question of social and medical adaptation.The sharpest is the problem of tuberculosis and asocial behavior of those who comes back from penal institutions. On meeting the urgent need of passing of fluorographic inspection by them was noted, reports a press - service Nikolaev YEAH.


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