In the Kharkov military registration and enlistment offices the notice of volunteers in ranks of National guard. VIDEO

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In military registration and enlistment offices of Kharkov speak daily hundreds volunteers of different age come, persons liable for call-up come also - they don't wait the agenda or phone call with a request to enroll in National guard of Ukraine.

Such at once also rank as armed forces and already even directed on training in military units, transfers Censor. Is NOT PRESENT.



Roman Dilkov, serviceman: It is my debt, a family to protect, eat such profession. I am the fighting officer. I served conscription service, served as the officer, left on the contract termination - in connection with a situation which now in the country considered necessary that my force, mind, the warm heart, the cold head will be useful.


Maxim Gubin, serviceman: At present, I consider, each man has to finish the sitting period on sofas, sitting of the house, discussion of a political situation in the country and to go already to fulfill the ​​ a duty.


Yury Kalgushkin, deputy military commissioner of the Kharkov area: For this week - about 400 people came to regional military registration and enlistment offices and to a regional military registration and enlistment office, unfortunately, a half of them is and category of citizens which on age doesn't approach, 150-160 people are already intended in teams and this category will complete military units of power departments.

Роман Свиридов

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