In the Regional council want to expel the deputy Savenko who is at war on the party of terrorists

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The device of the Odessa regional council submitted a question of the deputy from Rodina party Vadim Savenko who now directs one of divisions of the terrorist organization "DNR" for the next session and managed to participate in murder of the fellow countrymen. 

About it writes "freedom".

So, if the project is supported, the regional council will address in a territorial election commission with the offer to initiate process of a response of Savenko.

We will note that the admission the deputy of all plenary sessions of council in 2014 and meetings of the constant commission became the basis.
Also It should be noted, that the current law about the status of deputies of local councils provides procedure of a response only of the deputy - a mazhoritarshchik (by vote in the district about a response). Spisochnik whom also Savenko is, can't be deprived of the mandate.

We will remind that the major from Odessa was lost as a result of explosion on a post in Mariupol: in SBU claim that I organized diversion deputy of the Odessa regional council Savenko.

Also earlier it was reported that One of leaders of Donetsk fighters «Matchmaker» I took the responsibility for attack of the Ukrainian boundary boats in the Sea of Azov.


Алиева Радмэлла

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