Russia won't annex Donbass according to the Crimean scenario, - Putin

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The Russian President Vladimir Putin declares that Russia won't annex the occupied Donbass according to the Crimean scenario. 

Putin in interview to the Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera told about it.

«In Donetsk and Lugansk people voted for independence, and there a situation another» , - Putin told. 

«But the most important that all of us have to acquire,–that it is necessary to respect always mood and a choice of people. And if someone wants that these territories remained as a part of Ukraine, it is necessary to prove to these people that as a part of the uniform state it will be better, more comfortable, more reliable to live them, within this state they will be able to provide the life and the future of the children. But it is impossible to convince these people in arms. These questions, questions of such order, it is possible to solve only peacefully» , - Putin declares.

According to him, «the Crimean scenario is connected not with a position of Russia, it is connected with a position of people who live in the Crimea».

«All our actions, including actions of power character (occupation of the peninsula–PN), consisted not in tearing away this territory from Ukraine, and to give opportunity to people who live there, to express the opinion of how they want suit the life» he said.

We will remind, earlier Putin told that personally I was engaged in events in the Crimea in February - March, 2014 which ended with illegal accession of the peninsula to the Russian Federation.

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