The card play in Nikolaev nearly didn't end with death of one of gamblers

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Last week in militia the man called and reported that on the sidewalk on Klubnaya St. the person all in blood lies. To a scene there arrived militiamen. Already when the ambulance the man who has called in militia was going to take away the victim, recognized in it the acquaintance. For the purpose of establishment of eyewitnesses of the incident field investigators began to interrogate the citizens living on proximity. Having knocked in one of dwellings, police officers saw that the door to the house is open, and owners don't respond. Having glanced in a corridor, militiamen saw blood traces. In the house was nobody, but militiamen soon identified the personality of the owner who as it became clear later, and was responsible for an event.

Next day the suspect was detained in a residence of the acquaintance where disappeared from law-enforcement bodies. The local appeared them earlier judged for robbery commission. About it reports Sector on public relations of the Nikolaev municipal government of militia.

And there was all so: in the uninhabited house of the suspect which he prepared on sale, the company of men was going to play cards. Didn't do and without alcohol. Soon gamblers dispersed, remained only the most hazardous - the victim and the suspect. During conversation between men quarrel because of that the guest didn't want to leave home was started, and the owner any more didn't wish to remain hospitable. And the knife was put to use.

The detainee explains that a fight there began his companion, and it, allegedly, defending, snatched out a knife and struck them 2 blows attacking in a neck. Life of the victim now already out of danger. And actions of the suspect, according to the legislation, are qualified, as attempt at murder (Art. 115 of UK of Ukraine - from 7 to 15 years of imprisonment).


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