Roman Zabzalyuk: "We decided to exclude possibility of influence on the head of SBU"

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Power actions of People's Deputies play more and more important role in the Verkhovna Rada and beyond its limits.

That costed by a situation in "Neftegaz" when the deputy group from BYuT considerably "settled" the conflict to SBU special forces "Alpha". It is possible to remember numerous blockings of a tribune in parliament and fight for Rada system when even deputy blood was shed.

The impression is made that at leading fractions "power groups" are already formed of the prepared people who in due time assume command of deputies for "the solution of a question". All of us know about "fighters" from Party of Regions, the former known athletes somehow Elbrus Tedeev, Alexander Volkov and others.

From BYuT we know about "field commanders" less. Observing "power operations" BYuT, it is possible to notice easily that in fight epicenter always there is Roman Zabzalyuk who quickly directs the colleagues on fraction in extreme situations. "Editor-in-chief" communicated to it on appointment as the head of SBU of Valentyn Nalyvaichenko and "system of combat training" in BYuT fraction.

Roman Emelyanovich, today the Verkhovna Rada appointed Valentyn Nalyvaichenko the full-fledged head of SBU. Your fraction voted for it. Why it was necessary for you and for that now you wait from mister Nalivaychenko?

Mi is perfectly understood that chaos and destabilization not in interests of the state. In spite of the fact that we have serious remarks to Nalivaychenko's work if we speak about stabilization in the state, it was necessary to clean a prefix "century of the lake" its position. Because this prefix gave the chance to try to use Nalivaychenko as a puppet and to direct SBU to mister Baloge directly through deputy heads of service. We decided to exclude possibility of such influence on the head of Security service and to look as Valentin Aleksandrovich in the conditions of restriction on it external influences will move himself.

We cleaned opportunity to pull SBU threads from the Secretariat. But if the situation doesn't change, we will act more resolutely. Using future changes to the law on SBU, we will delegate the acting as the chairman of SBU of the person.After a while in the legislation there will be changes that when the head of SBU is dismissed, and in two months don't claim new, the acting as is appointed by the Verkhovna Rada.

If Valentyn Nalyvaichenko does independently not work, we will dismiss him and we will apply the right to appoint the acting head of service.

Recently you were almost the main character during power actions of BYuT on blocking of a tribune, collisions in parliament and oppositions with special troops, in particular with special forces "Alpha" during "Neftegaz" capture. From where you have such experience of power operations?

I am the professional soldier, from 15 years dreamed to serve. I studied in voyenno - to patriotic school, and then I arrived in Lvov voyenno - political school. Long time I was engaged in oriental martial arts on a professional basis. In due time I was the champion of the military district of Prikarpatye on hand-to-hand fight.

Then I served in Afghanistan, at a position of the deputy commander of a separate prospecting company of a special purpose. After wound in Afghanistan me sent to the Nikolaev area, there I worked in special forces.

My philosophy of behavior is taken from oriental martial arts. Certainly, I took skills of resolute power actions and from service in Afghanistan. But it is now more expedient to direct the experience and knowledge on current legislation improvement. For me work on protection of officers of special forces which in improbable conditions of the low it is material is important - technical providing now work in the extremely severe conditions.

As for officers of special forces. On Wednesday you very densely communicated with them in "Neftegaz". What did you speak to them not to radicalize a situation?

I proved to them that, despite a difficult situation and the order, they have to understand that this "order" illegal. We tried to remind them that they swore the people of Ukraine, instead of certain officials who use special forces for the solution of the corporate purposes. I mean misters Khoroshkovsky and Durdints who gave the order to involve the most elite special forces of Ukraine in corporate dismantlings. According to the destination this division shouldn't in such participate at all moreover and in the presence of journalists and deputies. I communicated with fighters after those events, they understood a situation, apologized.

You unmasked fighters of "Alpha"...

"Alpha" can't be involved in such operations. They have to carry out fast operations on neutralization of terrorist groups and diversionary groups. Training of these people very specific, on fighting operations of a mask are pertinent and when them throw on peace object, and the mask looks inopportunely. Obviously, the management would have to provide that if there are journalists and deputies, the mask only harms. We asked to unmask as, excuse, we after all not public enemies.

"BYuT fraction not army division. Each People's Deputy is an outstanding personality"

In BYuT fraction you are responsible for organization "power operations"?

Concrete instructions and special preparation in fraction on participation in the actions directed on toughening of parliamentary control, no. But people feel that there is a certain category of the people having experience to resist to illegal actions. Therefore our People's Deputies are guided by me.

You carry out any instructing to fractions before power operations, what, how where, what positions to take?

Well, BYuT fraction everything is not army division. Each People's Deputy is an outstanding personality. I think, they more instinctively reach for people who can quickly make fast decisions in extreme situations. We can promptly make decisions not to allow someone to make illegal actions. Here, for example, a situation in "Neftegaz". Fighters of "Alpha" at first there didn't orient. We a little bit corrected them, really, there was a small fight, but further everything managed to be settled. Fighters understood a situation. And already next day fighters of "Alpha" refused participation in provocative actions indoors "Ukrtransgaz". Here to you and result.

Yesterday to a pre-trial detention center on the Hem there came the officer of SBU who had to declare the resolution before the detained employee of customs mister Shepitko. We saw as far as this person endures that the management of SBU pushes him on illegal actions. Therefore I on behalf of Khoroshkovsky and Durdints, and on behalf of the Verkhovna Rada want to apologize before officers whom the defective management pushes on such dishonourable actions.

We remember collision in the Rada system booth. Then you were won by deputies from Party of Regions. It is how more difficult to resist to deputies, than members of spetsnaz who have no right to touch you?

We didn't set the purpose someone then to win. We don't consider opposition in parliament as a certain fighting task. Simply we in such situations behave much more tolerantly, than our colleagues. We don't give the chance to bring a situation to a limit, we control ourselves better.

By the way, in due time your colleague Sergey Mishchenko said that you developed concrete plans for each power opposition in parliament. You have any approved practices?

No, Sergey simply is inclined to discipline more. It, probably, also would like that was quite so. But actually it isn't present. Deputies don't need special instructing and plans for a case of extreme situations.

And who gives you command when it is necessary resolute to do something in a hall or out of it? The impression is from outside made, what "starting signal" gives either Kozhemyakin, or Kirilenko?

There is a fractional discipline. We have no army concept to give team. There is a joint decision which we carry out then.

"For Konstantin Grishchenko I will vote"

Vladimir Ogryzko refused to apply for a position of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. NUNS fraction withdrew the ultimatum, and the coalition already coordinated Boris Tarasyuk's candidate to a position of the Foreign Minister. That is the conflict in the coalition already behind?

Position of NUNS fraction menacing for the coalition already behind. Our colleagues already considered a situation, cooled down and more pragmatically approached to a question. I voted for Ogryzko's resignation. To this person not a place on a post of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Each its step was connected with rigid control from Balogi and the President. Many instructions from Balogi and Yushchenko aren't directed on increase of authority of the state on the international scene.

The coalition sent today the offer to the President to give Boris Tarasyuk's candidate to a position of the Foreign Minister. But say that in the Secretariat of the President already train for introduction Konstantin Grishchenko's candidate, the ambassador of Ukraine in Russia.You will apprehend this person?

We will insist on Boris Tarasyuk's candidate. It has good experience on this post. Personally Tarasyuk's candidate imposes me, I for him will vote. For Konstantin Grishchenko I won't vote. Work at the level of the minister isn't inherent in this person. As the head of embassy it on the place. But the Minister of Foreign Affairs we don't see him. For this position support of these or those political forces of which Grishchenko doesn't have is necessary.

By the way, after all these stories with SBU, whether gas and Ogryzko you postponed personnel rotation for farther prospect in the government?

Actually, one of the purposes of this disorder which was created by mister Durdinets with Khoroshkovsky from giving of the Secretariat of the President is situation destabilization in the country. If they also didn't manage to paralyze "Neftegaz" work, here in parliament they managed to reach the, and very urgent questions of personnel rotation in the government are again postponed for later.


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