Russia could use the Ukrainian diplomats sent from Romania?

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In the circles close to the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, consider that the Ukrainian diplomats sent from Romania were only a transfer link of the classified information intending for Russia.

"From us Romania has no special secrets, and here a lot of things are interesting to Russians, especially NATO subject", - noted a source in conversation with the Segodnya newspaper.

"But as the Russian diplomats in Bucharest sponsor very densely, could work through Ukrainian, however, and here the puncture" turned out, - adds a source.

However, the edition doesn't exclude that this version can have and quite Romanian origin, "considering that Bucharest now actively tries to discredit Ukraine in the opinion of Europe, achieving, in particular a ban on navigation on the Ukrainian canal Danube - the Black Sea".

Especially, as believe in the National Security and Defense Council if Romanians convince Europeans and NATO that our diplomats worked for Russia, similar steps against the Ukrainian military attaches in Brussels, Paris and Berlin can follow soon.

It is known that the military attache concerning defense of Embassy of Romania in Kiev Filip Rada, and also the secretary of the Romanian Consulate General in Chernovtsy Justinian Foksh are declared by personas non grata in Ukraine and are turned out from our country.

It occurred after the similar steps taken by the leadership of Romania concerning the Ukrainian military attache Sergey Ilnitsky and his assistant whom official Bucharest compelled to leave the country last week.

Espionage scandal became an occasion for this purpose: detained in Bucharest the officer of the Ministry of Defence of Romania Florichel Akim and his accomplice, the citizen of Bulgaria Pyotr Zikulov, are suspected of collecting the data relating to the sphere of national security, and transfer to its third party - allegedly to the Ukrainian intelligence services.

Information with a signature stamp "Confidentially" allegedly contained data on military facilities, communication systems, frequencies of work of anti-aircraft weapons, cards and NATO schemes in the territory of Romania, and also military equipment and arms of the Romanian army.

The consequence assumes that Akim, having access to regime data, copied them from the computer and for remuneration transferred Zikulova (depending on the importance of data, the fee made from $800 to 1000).

Akim and Zikulov were detained, and the Ukrainian diplomats are sent from Romania.

Before it official visit to Ukraine president Traian Basescu was cancelled.

"Today" notes that, on one of the versions, the mentioned espionage scandal was started not without the knowledge of the Romanian leader to lift to it a rating on the eve of presidential election, having shown as he struggles with "the external enemy".


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