Old "sarcophagus" in Chernobyl will steal earlier, than will construct the new!

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Ukraine is taken by radiation. As art in masses, it is born by Chernobyl marauders who take out radioactive metal. The exclusion zone which was without supervision literally take away in parts. And further sources of radioactive radiation get almost to each Ukrainian house.

Burial grounds on export

To marauders in the Chernobyl zone battle long and absolutely unsuccessfully. In this local war it is easy to explain loss - everyone can get to a prohibited zone. After all it before it carefully protected, all entrances and exits were controlled by system of the Rock-1 alarm system and people were afraid to go to those regions. Now entrances - departures control a little bit control - check points, and anyone can enter a zone - there would be a desire and certain skills. Chernobyl marauders trod long ago there the tracks. For years they with impunity take out everything from a zone that represents though any value.

Detain marauders not so - that often, at many on approaches to the territory everything is grabbed, for everything is paid. But there are exceptions. Recently successfully the Ukrainian intelligence services worked.

The group which detained SBU, took out wood and scrap metal from a zone. According to representatives of intelligence services, thieves long watched, collected evidential base. Decided to detain swindlers during their next raid. Enterprising citizens carried steel pipes from a burial ground on utilization of the waste polluted by radiation and very much were surprised to a meeting with esbeushnik. And they went straight to one of metalbases of Kiev region where we were ready to accept freight. When to a body of the car brought the dosimeter, the radiation background was 30 times higher than norm.

According to militiamen, business of dealers by radiation had wide-profile character. Of the taken-out wood did a parquet, and metal scrap handed over in points of its reception. Sometimes caught on sale fish. Details from the buried cars sold on car markets. About scales of activity of marauders says that fact that they prepared the helicopter for export.Mi-8 liquidators malefactors send on one of burial grounds, his enterprising plunderers were going to use as original cafe in one of the cities. Investigators of SBU already established - without participation in this business of the people working in Chernobyl and protecting a zone, didn't manage. Now suspects strenuously interrogate, however to establish, the infected metal or wood got to which house, the apartment or the enterprise, it is impossible.

Autographs for memory

About a situation round a zone still a year ago spoke at meeting of board of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine. Then the deputy general prosecutor Tatyana Kornyakova directly told: to dumps of radioactive waste marauders have a free access. Then during check representatives of prosecutor's office found out that almost all thrown equipment has no engines and in general all internal equipment. According to the estimates of prosecutor's office, in a year marauders take out more than two thousand tons of metal. Though even these figures many called underestimated. And practice shows - from last year changed nothing. With radioactive metal continue to fill up Ukraine. Businessmen work commercially.

- Marauders very seldom catch on a crime scene, - Anna Sidorovna, the inhabitant of a zone tells. - They feel here rather freely. Places where the marauder, surely marked visited. Thieves leave from time to time the autographs, walls of the city are literally used up by their nicknames and names.

Eyewitnesses tell - those who collects radioactive metal, especially don't disappear. They accurately store assembled production in one place. Take everything that can represent though any value, - pig-iron bathtubs, manholes, various pipes. After all on streets of the cities the real mountains of radioactive metal lie. And sooner or later them will take out out of limits of a thirty-kilometer zone, and then and on plants. Can't stop this trade in radiation one year any more.

For theft - disability

The liquidator of accident on the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station Alexander Naumov is sure that the reasons of problems with mass export of metal are obvious:

- Reduced financing and number of militia and protection, - Alexander Naumov claims. - There has to be a state program which will allow to protect accurately a zone from unauthorized penetrations, and such program isn't present.

According to the liquidator, by and large it is possible to understand and thieves.In the main weight it is inhabitants of the Polesye and Ivankovsky areas. Works at people any - here also look for though any earnings.

It is necessary to tell, earnings this often deadly. After all in most cases marauders aren't protected in any way from radiation. Last year frontier guards detained in Zhitomir area a cart on which two villagers carried three hundred kilograms of metal radiating radiation. Carried it as potato, without reflecting at all on consequences. And after all, according to stories of militiamen, marauders receive such doses of radiation that to those from them who was detained, directly on a dock appropriated group of disability. However and this sad information of very few people stops. Systematic plunder of a zone proceeds and while it is unclear that or who can stop it.

To have to state: the home dosimeter - a thing in our today's life necessary. Though now especially also you won't surprise anybody with radiation. All already got used to it. To fry mushrooms from the Chernobyl woods, to go by the indicating radioactivity car and to build the house of a radioactive brick where the floor from the same parquet, becomes the Ukrainian tradition. As, however, and to earn on a burial ground about which spoke with shudder about twenty years ago.

In six months 2008 by police officers it is detained and brought to administrative responsibility of 272 people. From them for violation of radiation safety - 115 citizens, and for hunting and fishing violation of the rules - 135 people. Employees of a battalion brought nine criminal cases for export from a zone of metal and building materials.


The chief a press - services GUMVD of Ukraine in Kiev region Nikolay Zhukovich:

- The administration of a zone of resettlement is responsible for protection of the territory adjacent to Pripyat, and several years ago burial grounds were protected by protection civil service. But when to them cut off financing, they ceased to protect, and VOHR came to their place. At present 220 militiamen protect a zone on perimeter, and these are 349 km. Posts on 12 check points are exposed. In a zone provide an order of 45 people. Daily on protection of a zone 68 people are involved. People don't suffice, nobody increases the staff and financing. There are problems with protecting perimeter, until recently a half of the Polesye area which carried to a zone, wasn't protected.The militia by own efforts tries to block a way to an exclusion zone to plunderers, do traps, ditches.


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