Two old men agreed "to buy" the washing machine for 20 thousand hryvnias and... presented money to the swindler

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A week ago in the cityNikolaev, at noon on Shevchenko Street to 76 - the summer old woman accepted the unfamiliar man with joyful news: "I congratulate, you won a set of shampoos! ". Also I awarded it a prize. The woman very much was delighted to such unexpected luck.

And here the stranger made happy it even more. It appeared, she won laundry detergent, but will receive it a bit later. The enthusiastic grandmother simply thanked effusively. But the stranger didn't leave. He told that to it the unique chance to win also the washing machine, and chance absolute dropped out. But for this purpose it is necessary to pay only 20 thousand hryvnias.

The woman agreed. It went home, consulted to the husband, the spouse too was delighted to such luck, and the married couple decided to give money. The stranger convinced the old woman that he is an honest person, the stranger it isn't necessary to it, and therefore that was more true, advised the grandmother to wrap money in an envelope, and to make tags the envelope. I assured that will transfer an envelope "where it is necessary", and in the evening of the spouse will see the washing machine, and itself right there handed over to the woman the second gift - laundry detergent.

And made. The man left with an envelope in which was 20 thousand hryvnias, and the married couple remained to expect the promised prize. Only by four o'clock old men came round and, having understood that to them not to see the washing machine, wrote the application in militia. The central regional department brought criminal case under article 190 of the Criminal code ("Fraud"). In case "seller" with rare "gift" of belief catch, it is threatened by imprisonment for a period of up to three years.


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