In Nikolayevshchina there was the first victim of the UEFA Cup: the inveterate fan killed the neigbour that to watch a match on her TV

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55- Voznesensky's summer inhabitant of the region of the Nikolaev area even didn't guess that will fall a victim of the football fan.

Valery who didn't differ special diligence and respect among fellows villager, for the useless life except empty bottles and drunk friends got nothing. The only hobby which the man had and didn't make a contradiction to standards of ethics, is a hobby for soccer.

In order that on to support a favorite soccer team, it was necessary for Valery a little, only a bottle of vodka and the TV. From two necessary things in it the football fan had only a vodka bottle, it was necessary to find the TV only. Valery's attempts to gather money for the TV weren't crowned with success. Each kopek why - that left at once on alcohol acquisition. The thought of the next match of the UEFA Cup everything induced the man on TV acquisition at any cost stronger and more strongly.

About it reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukoaina in the Nikolaev area.

Once Valery learned that his neigbour is going to go to some time to the city to the daughter. This circumstance suggested an idea that for absence of the hostess it can use her TV for viewing of a long-awaited football match. On that also I stopped. Late evening Valery got into the yard of the neigbour. Light in the house wasn't therefore the man didn't doubt that in anybody isn't present. Having opened a window, it got into the room and went to the room where there was his dream. Valery was very surprised when in the room the light was turned on and before it there was a neigbour.

Having made noise, she tried to expel the uninvited guest and threatened to cause militia. Mind on the solution of a situation peacefully at Valery didn't suffice. It closed a mouth to the unfortunate woman and strangled her. On it the man didn't stop, the dream of soccer didn't abandon him. Having crossed through a breathless corpse of the woman, the murderer stole the TV and took also the tape recorder, through that window went home. Valery's dream was achieved, he watched a football match with pleasure, but the pleasure from a victory of a favorite team lasted not for long, already next day he was detained by employees of militia. The stolen TV and the tape recorder is withdrawn from it.There is open a question, whether there is a human life of the stolen TV.


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