Nikolaev visited the leader of NFPU M. Yakibchuk to try to rescue shipbuilding plant of 61 Communards. The authorities it is action ignored

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Today on March 24 in Nikolaev "The house of creativity of pupils", the round table on a subject will take place: "Development of ways of recovery from the crisis of ship-building branch of Ukraine". It was initially supposed that gathered, through a prism of rescue of shipbuilding plant of 61 Communards will be able to develop offers on recovery from the crisis of all ship-building grew Ukraine but as it appeared very few people interest in our state and in the city of Nikolaev these problems.

According to organizers of this action, to participation in meeting the Minister of promishlenny policy of Ukraine V. Novitsky, the chairman of the Nikolaev Regional state administration A. Garkusha and many others were invited. But units could come only.

The governor of the Nikolaev area ignored this action, and at all didn't count necessary to send to it the head of department промполитики YEAH N. Maksimchuk. And it in the light of that during the last governor's air on television, the problem of plant was the main subject of performance of A. Garkusha.

There was no at meeting of a round table and the director general "a Sudostroiteldny plant of 61 Communards" I. Kozyrev. So also it the destiny of plant doesn't interest?

"In present economic realities, sale of shops and capacities of plant not only won't solve the collected problems of the enterprise, but also will threaten its further existence", - the leader of the National Forum of Labor unions of Ukraine Miroslav Yakibchuk declared. According to him, after active actions of NFPU, the power paid attention to a situation round plant at last - that, and issues started being resolved.

"We need to combine efforts in achievement of goals. Only together we will be able to put a problem in motion", - M. Yakibchuk noted.

Participants of a round table and the decision of Minprompolitiki according to which 6 million UAH will be allocated plant of 61 Communards "for support in time difficult to it". These means have to go to the maintenance of the Ukraine guided missile cruiser and partial repayment of debt on salary payment to workers.

According to the majority gathered, these means won't rescue the enterprise and won't solve problems with payment of debt on a salary. "It is the next soap bubble", - the chairman of labor union "Protection of justice" I. Boyko declared.

But as it was possible to understand from the events, whether people already interests will pay them debts a little. They demand that the management of plant was dismissed and incurred criminal liability for that state in which there was an enterprise.

"We want change of the plant manager! How to us to achieve it? ", - factory workers asked.

Miroslav Yakibchuk explained that it isn't necessary to be idle. It is necessary to demand any actions from Minprompolitiki. "If they don't make any decisions, we will demand resignation of the Minister. It is necessary to address to people's deputies, after all we chose them that they defended our rights", - M. Yakibchuk emphasized.

He considers that the most important not only to receive promises from the mighty of this world, and to force them to keep promises.

"NFPU to you in it can help - to organize meetings, to sound any problems and to achieve their decision. But you too have to will join in this process, instead of to wait that all will make for you", - the leader of NFPU summed up.


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