The Nikolaev shipbuilding will be rescued only by revolution! - the deputy of regional council I. Ovdiyenko

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During today's session of the Nikolaev regional council the chairman of Committee of rescue of ChSZ, the deputy - the communist Igor Ovdiyenko, acting behind a tribune, I mentioned the most sick - destiny of the Nikolaev shipbuilding plants.

He told that plant number of 61 Communards is brought to level of protection, watch and several production departments. On three building berths all works are on various pretexts stopped.

Actually all control of plant is transferred to the Kherson shipbuilding plant. Two thirds of the management - alien people who "have no relation to a work collective of plant, and dictate any actions for which at all don't bear responsibility". Besides, negotiations (and about it, according to Igor Nikolaevich, the governor Alexey Garkusha spoke) on change of the plant manager are conducted.

We will make a reservation that "the mini - meeting" began after the report of the chief of head department of economy Natalya Martynova on the main indicators of the Program socially - an economic development of the region for 2000-2010 "Nikolayevshchina - 2010" and about results of its performance in 2008. The chairman of Committee of rescue of ChSZ was revolted by some figures which contain in the program text.

On Okean plant he told the following:

- Outputs in 2008 were reduced by 3%. I think that here a typographical error. It is easier to tell - by 3,1 times, instead of for 3%. But on plant of 61 Communards outputs grew by 62%. The sane people who even not don't have relations to plant, know: what there output growth? ! What if all production workers are laid off, some people work at repair of vessels! And Black Sea plant? ! Outputs, it appears, grew by 9,1 times!

- We know how these figures are forged! - the communist continued. - To us, however, answered that there are any new method of calculation of outputs. Perhaps, they really are. But only outputs aren't present!

According to him, a vessel which put in May and had to hand over in December, now it is thrown, on it all works are stopped.

He said and that on ChSZ and its subsidiaries (mainly, "Meridian") the debt on a salary passes for 10 million hryvnias. This figure is excluded from the statistical accounting of area, and it, on belief of - on Ovdiyenko, already criminal case.

- At the Black Sea plant and at "61-ohm papers plant" there is salary growth. But number of the working days a week reduced to two, - with pain and indignation Igor Nikolaevich responded. - On paper growth is. In one day growth is. But if in a week it is necessary to work five days, and people work two how - there is growth of a salary or it isn't present?

- We speak: when crisis will stop? Yes never it will stop! Will stop when there will be a revolution! Then we will leave crisis!.


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