"A gift not the main thing – the main attention", - the mayor of Nikolaev thought and presented the specialshelf of militia 30 - summer "Zhiguli"

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On March 26, in Ukraine celebrated Day of internal troops of Ukraine. On this occasion inNikolaevpassed festive events.

The military personnel of VCh No. 3039 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine which is deployed in the city of Nikolaev, I came to congratulate andNikolaev mayor Vladimir Chaika, known in the city the ability "to be promoted" in a case and without that.

We will note that this day passed meeting of regular session of the Nikolaev city council, but even it didn't prevent Vladimir Dmitriyevich to visit celebrations on the occasion of celebration 17-й anniversaries from the date of formation of internal troops of Ukraine.

Vladimir ChaikaI didn't miss opportunity to declare as before video cameras, but also in the presence of all city council "unprecedented" generosity of the city authorities. During 33-й sessions of city council he told that for the Nikolaev regiment of militia on means of the city budget the brandcar was bought"Zhiguli".

"All avoid this regiment. As soon as the help is necessary, for them at once there is no money. Many forget that it is our children patrol streets. Therefore in honor of such holiday they should giving a gift", - with indignation the mayor declared and left a hall of meeting solemnly to hand over this gift to the commander of part.

As alwaysVladimir DmitriyevichI introduced a highlight in a celebration. Besides diplomas, it as it is able, beat delivery of keys from the car.

But V. Chaika's manner to present keys from cars for a long time forces to attract attention. There is an impression that "the recipient of treasured keys" has to also to dance before the mayor. And after all all cars which were handed over ever by the Nikolaev mayorV. Chaikawere bought at the expense of the city budget, that is for money of a city bulk.

There is a question: and ifCentury.Seagullwas a little higher, then that - behind keys their recipients should jump up?

The interesting detail, but such manner of delivery of gifts at the Nikolaev mayor is shown why - that only concerning militiamen who daily leave to patrol city streets.

We will remind, on August 6, 2008, since morning a bit earlier, in exactly before arrival to Nikolaev the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yu. Lutsenko, having collected numerous public before the building of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, V. Chaika arranged real "show" with delivery of keys from cars which were bought the Nikolaev municipal government of militia for money from the city budget. Then "show" worked well wonderfully well!

V. Chaika hands over to a klyuchipredstavitel of NSU of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area

In total, eight cars - seven "UAZ" and one "VAZ-2104" which, by the way, was used for a long time by police officers were handed over.

Receiving keys from cars the acting chief of the Nikolaev municipal government of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Pavlenko told that cars are intended as for transportation of suspects, and staff.

Naturally, and then Nikolaev "showman", as well as now didn't miss opportunity to stand out before lenses of a photo and video cameras.

V. Chaika hands over keys to the colonel V. Kondratyuk

How similar photos, isn't it?

But we will return to a recent event. By old traditionV. ChaikaI executed a couplet from a song which, according to him, became darling for nikolayevets. The couplet from the song "White Wings" was apprehended with a bang".

And here delivery of "expensive" gift forced many guests to tarry. Here it is the mayor and the city power good fellows …

Leaving to congratulate fighters of VCh No. 30 39, the chief of the Nikolaev customsValentin KovalskyI mentioned supposedly we as some, we can't give the apartment and the car, and here the computer equipment we will help colleagues … Yes, Valentin Kazemirovich, probably, didn't know, what car was presented by the mayor of the military unit which fighters daily leave to patrol city streets.

The "brand new" Zhiguli car which has been so advertized by the Nikolaev mayor V. Chaika, was not so and new.As it was succeeded to learn, it was let out in far 1978, when many of those who now serves in a militia specialregiment also "under a table on foot" didn't go. ( It is possible to remember, how measuresNikolaev Vladimir Chaika presented, on behalf of a city bulk, School of the highest sports skill the car "UAZ — the Patriot". And to militiamen - "Zhiguli", which 31 years! ! ! ).

By estimates of experts, the maximum can cost this car of dollars 500 - 700. Roughly speaking, deputies could be dumped on 70 UAH and buy at least one more such cars. We will remind that for "deputy needs" annually to each people's deputy it is allocated from the city budget of 20 thousand UAH

Having looked at all this, to the memory recurscriminal case which was excited on materials the Organized Crime Control Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine on the facts of an office fake and inappropriate use of budgetary funds by officials of the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies.The speech in this criminal case went about acquisition of 8 new cars for vehicle fleet of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies. By the way, materials for its excitement appeared after the inspections of CREWE which have been carried out in the fall of 2007 in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies.

Then cars came under the spotlight again! But not what were handed over to militiamen, and bought by a city administration in October, 2007 for officials from the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies. Eight brand new carsSkoda Octavia and Skoda Super b, intended in order that authorities could solve problems of a city bulk "more effectively".

We will remind that then questions on these cars arose not only at law enforcement agencies, but also at simple citizens. "As it is possible to buy such expensive cars for officials when in the city budget constantly there is no money that on repair of schools, on repair of roads, on preparation of the city for winter …", - nikolayevets asked each other, without knowing, whether at them in the winter in apartments will be warm.

Sharper this question becomes when you see "operating vehicle fleet" to which any motor show not that in Nikolaev, but also in larger cities of Ukraine could envy before city hall walls. And what itself "the singing mayor"? And anything. In different places appears on the different cars which cost several times exceeds the cost of together taken cars, "presented" to the Nikolaev militiamen.

There is one more question - and there can be those cars would bring more benefit for the Nikolaev bulk, be they are given to militiamen, instead of officials of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies?

Forget the city authorities headed by "the singing mayor" and that all these "gifts" - cars, apartments is with what the city has to provide those who preserves tranquillity of citizens and this city. There is even a special line in the city budget - the program of the help to law enforcement agencies in which annually "hammer" not the small sum of money. And in what state city regional departments of militia? You will come into one of them - and at once you will understand how the city authorities care of in what conditions residents - militiamen whom daily ask for the help of one hundred members of a city bulk …work

But, as they say, "never look at gift horse's mouth" … Possibly so militiamen think and silently accept from hands of the mayor of "tip". Because all this looks as "tip". In economy everything will fit, after all the tasks assigned by the state, nobody removed and it is necessary to serve, even on such cars …


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