In the center of Kiev the special troops took storm the library building – the Nikolaev farmer who was there threatened with self-burning

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In Kiev the staff of special forces "Golden eagle" detained the man who barricaded in library of the Center of art and technical creativity "Pechersk" which is located opposite to the Supreme economic court of Ukraine. It threatened with self-burning by use of the gas cylinder which was at it, - the special correspondentreports now from Kiev"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT".

It occurred on the first floor of an office building to the address Moscow, 3. After certain expectations, without having agreed about voluntary release by the terrorist of the room, the staff of special forces "Golden eagle" stormed the first floor of the building and made capture.

As told the correspondent "to Crime. There is" no one of eyewitnesses, the terrorist was there not one - with him there was a woman of 45-50 years. The criminal and his accomplice located in the room of 1 floor and in case of non-performance of their requirements threatened to blow up itself and library. The appeared in time fighters of "Golden eagle" adjusted the truck, by means of cables broke lattices from windows and threw the noise grenade in a window aperture. Right after explosion accomplices were detained.

First deputy chairman of SBUValery KHOROSHKOVSKY, which was present on a place of events, in the comment to journalists specified that the detainee is a farmer and lives in the Nikolaev area. It is already known to security officers as it not its first attempt to make demands, threatening to make self-burning or to undermine something.

The terrorist who named itself Sergey, was dissatisfied with a situation which developed in the country, and demanded release from a position of the Minister of Internal Affairs of UkraineYury LUTSENKOand general prosecutor of UkraineAleksandra MEDVEDKO.

Near a place of an event there were some ambulance cars and divisions of police officers, in particular, fighters of special forces "Golden eagle". Also on a place of an event there was staff of SBU headed by the first deputy chairman of SBUValery KHOROSHKOVSKY.

We will remind that on October 18, 2006 in Kiev, near the building of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine, the unknown man, threatening with the grenade, I put forward a number of requirements, in particular - I demanded a meeting with the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Then law enforcement officers managed to settle this incident peacefully. It appeared that it is the farmer from the Nikolaev areaSergey ARKHIPOV, which in 2005 also tried to burn itself under parliament walls.

According to law enforcement agencies, that day, on October 18 around 9.30S. ARKHIPOVI called by phone 01 and I reported that the meeting with the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraineis necessary to itYury LUTSENKOconcerning illegal actions of police officers in the Nikolaev area concerning its landed property.

Then at 10.00 he already called on the specialline 02 and reported that near one of cash desks of the Kiev railway station left a green package with explosive.

After these actionsS. ARKHIPOVI went to Reznitskaya St. on which the building of the State Office of Public Prosecutor where held in hand the subject similar to the grenade is located, and also at itself as it appeared, besides, I had any chemical mix.

By preparation of a material information of own correspondentis used"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", "UNIAN", "the Magnolia - TV".


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