Crisis faces: in search of provisions the people started plundering kindergartens and dovecots

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Crisis and mass unemployment provoke people to such crimes of which it was a shame and to think earlier. Today some most desperate unemployed take out good from churches, kindergartens and even rob dovecots.

So, the other day unknown took out products which intended to kids from a warehouse of Melitopol kindergarten. Thieves made the way on a warehouse at night, broke a door and took out the food for the sum about one and a half thousand hryvnias. The first I noticed and I sounded the alarm 60 - the summer woman, the employee of the robbed garden. But was already late: neither products, nor pilferers didn't find. It is necessary to guess only that pushed people on such step.

We will remind that this month robbers took out church stock from Andrey Kritsky's temple to Maryevk's village of the Zaporozhye area (the damage made more than 30 thousand hryvnias). Villains broke locks on doors of the temple and took out the big Gospel, naprestolny crosses, from a church booth expensive wedding icons were gone.

Came and before that any more don't disdain even dovecots. So, in Melitopol at 46 - the summer man stole 30 decorative pigeons. At night thieves forced the lock of a bird's lodge and put sleepy feathery in a bag (an amount of damage of 5 thousand hryvnias).

All three robberies still remain unsolved, and therefore it isn't known who and why decided on the such.

But for similar thefts criminals are shone by imprisonment from 3 to 6 years.


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