Yury Lutsenko: "Long ago it is time to rename the Ukrainian militia into police"

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Yesterday, on April 14, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko took part in work of the direct telephone line which is carried out by the daily newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine". Within an hour the minister of phone answered questions of readers of this edition calling from different corners of Ukraine. Generally questions concerned expediency of renaming of militia on police, and also criminal cases rather so-called "poshes at a wheel", possibilities of sale to citizens of the traumatic weapon, etc.

- My position concerning the weapon completely is known for everything, - Yury Lutsenko declared. - I consider that citizens of Ukraine have the right for self-defense, so have the right for acquisition in shops of the weapon of traumatic action. We would like to give the chance to all law-abiding citizens who weren't condemned, not narco - and alcohol-addicted to give the chance to protect the family exclusively weapon of nonlethal action.

Yury Lutsenko also added that the Ministry of Justice a few days ago refused to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine such initiative, but "our law-enforcement department works convincing appropriate authorities". According to the Minister, in case of refusal this question will be considered at cabinet council of Ministers of Ukraine.

Answering a question of one of readers of the newspaper of expediency of renaming of militia, Yury Lutsenko specified that for a long time it was necessary to make it - to rename the Ukrainian militia in police. According to him, it has to occur not for the sake of the fact and in order that everything fell into place.

- Besides, I would offer thinner approach - militia of public safety, that is patrol, local police inspectors, employees of GAI, I would leave under the name "militia".Retaliatory part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - criminal investigation department, divisions on fight against the illegal address of drugs, economic and organized crime and other structures of criminal militia I would rename into police. Such practice exists around the world. The quicker we pereymy the international standards, the at us will easier "get accustomed" their standards of responsibility for performance of the tasks. Nevertheless, the political will on that in Parliament doesn't exist therefore we will continue our work with old names, but with new calls, - Yury Lutsenko specified.

Interest of Ukrainians resonant messages in mass media rather so-called "called also poshes at a wheel", whether namely a question "They will avoid punishment? ". Yury Lutsenko specified that keeps a course of investigation of such criminal cases under the personal control, and gave statistics in which it was specified that thanks to the staff of GAI mortality on highways decreased by 50%.

One of interlocutors, the inhabitant of the capital, expressed the concern about that heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine - people civil and it, probably, can stir them to work. The minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs answered it that similar practice exists around the world, after all person politically appointed to a position positions policy of the Ministry.

- My task - to listen to you and other citizens of Ukraine and, respectively, to direct activity of department headed by me, - Yury Lutsenko emphasized.

The minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs also reminded that its action program at this position included, in particular, five priorities, namely: establishing order on roads, fight against narcocriminals, establishing order against illegal migrants, exposure of malfeasances and "clarification" of ranks of militia.

- Now these priorities are realized, - Yury Lutsenko declared.


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