With a situation on the Square of Memory of heroes of Chernobyl more and more questions

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As reports a press - service of the Nikolaev regional organization of the Ukrainian People's Party, the management of regional management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs carried out an additional inspection upon construction in the Square of Memory of heroes of Chernobyl (Vaslyaev's stop). Earlier, on September 20, the decision on refusal in initiation of legal proceedings under article 194 UK of Ukraine "Destruction or property damage" was made. At present case papers are in prosecutor's office of Leninsky district for acceptance of a final decision.

The deputy head of the UNP Nikolaev regional organization Alexey Miroshnichenko considers that the inspection of case papers carried out by police officers caused still bigger quantity of questions, than was before. Such questions aren't clear to party leadership:

1. Why regional management of ecology in the conclusion of 03.11.2008 specifies, what on the land plot there were no green plantings and it is free from building, on the basis of 24.05.2005 approved by the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies architecturally - a planning task, instead of the actual presence of these most "green plantings" till the night with 17 for October 18, 2008?

2. On what basis in item 11 most architecturally - a planning task No. 90 for construction "The medical center with a drugstore" which at present, by the way, "The business and medical center" already is called as the builder, 24.05.2005 approved by the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies and the coordinated chief of a municipal government of architecture A. Bondarem, it was specified, what "on a site there are no green plantings" if these plantings were present there till October, 2008 and thus obviously were not three-year saplings?

3. Why upon destruction of green plantings by the Nikolaev interdistrict nature protection prosecutor Yury Paly on the basis of the materials directed by ecological inspection the appropriate measures weren't taken, and materials were redirected to militia regional department?

4. Where the statement of destruction of the green plantings, drawn up by regional ecological inspection or why it wasn't made disappeared?

5. At last, in what sum it managed to the builder?

6. Who from officials will be responsible for this disgrace?


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