The court recognized lawful construction golf - club near Sevastopol

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The Lenin regional court of Sevastopol cancelled the resolution on initiation of legal proceedings on rent of JSC Tekhno-Sigma of 185 hectares of the earth near Balaklava. The court didn't find violations of the law which could become the basis for initiation of legal proceedings.

Hearings were carried out according to the complaint "the Techno - Sigma" on illegal initiation of legal proceedings by management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Sevastopol. After in February of this year the chairman of the Sevastopol City Council Valery Saratov declared that the lease contract of the land plot with "the Techno - Sigma" was signed with current legislation violation, investigative management of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Sevastopol brought criminal case. Check of the Ministry of Internal Affairs revealed allegedly counterfeit documents which obliged the Sevastopol gorgosadministration to sign lease contracts on a number of sites including on 185 hectares near the village Naval near Balaklava. And, according to the chief city ОБЭПа Gleb Melnichenko, "it or contracts of purchase and sale of real estate objects, counterfeit or investment contracts with transfer of such real estate objects in joint activity".

However still on January 29 legality of the lease contract of the earth with "the Techno - Sigma" was confirmed with the Supreme economic court of Ukraine. On April 15 the same instance I confirmed legality of the property right "the Techno - Sigma" on structures of the former military camp of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, entering borders of the rented territory.

Criminal case production in the relation "The techno - sigma" was suspended by the court resolution

On April 25, and on June 19 the Lenin regional court of Sevastopol refused initiation of legal proceedings is refused in the absence of a crime event.

According to the director of JSC Tekhno-Sigma Sergey Haydukov as legitimacy of the lease contract of the earth was confirmed with the highest judicial authority in January, there were no doubts in cancellation of criminal case.

"As for irresponsible abuses of a freedom of speech of certain deputies of the City Council - I am sorry that it becomes the habitual and ordinary phenomenon in Sevastopol", - Haydukov noted.

We will remind that on tenantry of JSC Tekhno-Sigma is going to build a large-scale recreational complex - the ecopolice "A balaclava Golf - club&Wellness&Spa Resort". As the investor of the project the Yalta company JV JSC Tsentrinvest which intends to involve 350 million dollars for construction golf - club, five-stars park - hotel, tennis club, a beach zone, торгово - an entertainment complex, gyms and pools acts.

Investors emphasize that the recreational complex will be under construction on a place of the former military base and becomes the first stage of creation of the regional wildlife area "Karansky" as landscape preservation, and also the organic combination to it the architectural project, is an ecopolice priority.

At this stage "Techno — Sigma" we are engaged in comprehensive study of the territory - beginning from geochemistry and finishing botany. Scientists of the Crimean branch of institute of mineral resources, Taurian national university of Vernadsky and the Nikitsky botanical garden by request of the company conduct examination and mapping of the flora growing on the Karansky plateau. Results of this work will be considered when forming the detailed specification to architects on development of the general plan of the project. Zones of growth of rare and unique plants become advantage of the ecopolice, and recreational purpose of lands is fixed by the site lease contract.


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