In BYuT suggest to punish all who speaks at work not on - Ukrainian

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Member of BYuTfractionPavel MovchanI introduced the bill on the concept of the state language policy which is supposed to enter responsibility for use on a workplace not a state language in parliament.

New "the language concept" successfully passed consideration in BP committee concerning culture and the spirituality which head is other member of BYuT Vladimir Yavorivsky, the Segodnya newspaper writes.

According to the author of the concept, it has to become the main thing after the Constitution the document regulating all questions of application of languages in Ukraine.

Thus for the first time Ukrainian appears obligatory for application in all spheres of public communication - not only state officials and deputies, but also all citizens in public life (that is at work), underlines the edition.

The exception - to citizens is allowed to use any language in private communication.

That all aforesaid wasn't the declaration, the conceptMovchanaassumes creation of language bodies - нацрады at the president and specialbody in Cabinet of Ministers.

The last will be obliged"in due time to elicit the facts of violation of the language legislation and to raise a question of involvement of violators to disciplinary, administrative and judicial responsibility".

According to the concept of the deputy, the knowledge of Ukrainian appears a legal duty of citizens of Ukraine, and public mockery at it or its discredit - Constitution violation for which there comes criminal liability. Thus one of threats for Ukrainian appears суржик.

Strengthening of the state status of Ukrainian has to be promoted by his statement as only language of all educational institutions - from kindergartens to institutes, regardless of that, they are state or private.

To mass media and services industry - all of them without exception have to pass similar approach to Ukrainian.

To languages of ethnic minorities in the conceptMovchanathe whole section is taken away.So, in districts where these minority make the majority, it is allowed to use their language in work of local authorities and the enterprises.

At the same time, in the same bill the deputy denies that in Ukraine there are "regions of compact accommodation of persons which belong only to any one ethnic minority" from what it is possible to draw a conclusion that any official rights it isn't necessary to any non-state language.

It first of all concerns Russian to which, according to the author, "in Ukraine nothing threatens". It is more than that, it is written officially down that Russian "a long time was imperial language and continues to be used widely".


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