Three nikolayevets stole and two days kept hersonets in the locked car that it badly made repair in the apartment of their girlfriend

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The other day inLenin regional department of militiaI addressed with the statement 43 - summer officially jobless inhabitant of the Kherson area. He declared that a month ago himstole and three mencontained some days in the locked car. As it became clear, hersonets informally earned additionally construction and finishing works. It undertook to do repair in the apartment of the young woman, and even received advance for performance of work, butrepair did unfairly.

So to speak, "наджамшутил" …

The dissatisfied client complained to the acquaintances,to earlier judged companions23 both 34 years, andnot to the offenderearlier 19 - to the summer friend. Three of them tried to explain to the inept master that "hack-work" isn't accepted, and it is necessary to correct the made. But "repairman" disagreed. After short arrangements,the Trinity put him for couple of days under the lock. After the master "was released from captivity", he ran away to Kherson. But when again I returned on a side job inNikolaev, old acquaintances found it and again threatened with "imprisonment" if it doesn't improve.

After such statement hersonetsI addressed in militia.In a course quickly - investigative actionsare detained and are in custodytwo suspects, the third, most likely,is in hiding.

At present the issue of excitement criminal matter in the relation of suspects, on Art. 164 signs, ч.2 -is resolvedillegal imprisonment or kidnapping.

Sector on public relations of the Nikolaev municipal government of militiafrom comments while abstains.


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