Drunk Lutsenko fought in Frankfurt with police officers

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The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko carried out a floor of day in a site of police of the airport Frankfurt am Main after him in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication detained after skirmish with militiamen.

About it the German newspaper "writesBild", transfers "German wave".

According to the edition, Lutsenko from it 19 - the summer son Alexander from - for inadequate behavior didn't pass aboard the plane which took off at 18:15 for flight to Seoul.

"Ukrainians arranged quarrel with militiamen, roughly swore, threw into them the mobile phones and fought", - writes the edition.

The reinforcement was necessary to cause polices and to use force.

As it is reported, the son of the minister especially aggressively behaved. It even put on handcuffs.

In a site at Lutsenko - younger recorded the content of alcohol in three per milles. The minister managed to avoid some dough for alcohol, having shown diplomatic passport, the newspaper writes.

About midnight to a site there arrived the deputy head of police of the State of Hesse Günter Gefner. In conversation with the German colleague who about an hour lasted, Lutsenko, according to "Bild", was succeeded "to hush up" incident and to avoid the written report on an event.

About 1:15 nights Ukrainians left a site. Next day they took off for Seoul. Some hours had to lead Lutsenko to Frankfurt am Main on arrival from Kiev as it was planned, waiting for change on flight to Seoul.

In police presidium Frankfurt am Main to "The German wave" confirmed that incident with the Ukrainian minister on Monday, May 4, took place. At the same time, the German militiamen disprove information that incident was "hushed up".

"This offense is recorded in accordance with the established procedure and concerning it all procedural measures" will be carried out, - the river transport worker of the Frankfurt police reported.

"All facts stated in the Bild newspaper, we confirm, except information on number of per mille in blood of the detainee", - the river transport worker told.


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