The Russian investigators saw the Ukrainian trace in murder of the opponent Putin Nemtsov

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The Russian investigators find out all circumstances of murder of the famous politician Boris Nemtsov. Also various versions of motives for commission of crime are studied. Murder from - for jealousy became one of the main versions.

Report the Russian mass media about it.

We will remind, Nemtsov was killed on Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge, where walked with the girl. Unknown approached on cars and made some shots. Four bullets got to Nemtsov's back.

- The girl with whom there was Boris Nemtsov at the time of murder - the citizen of Ukraine. As we already found out, recently it flew from Moscow to Switzerland to do abortion from the politician. We don't exclude that the household conflict from - for it could take place, - notes the high-ranking source in law enforcement agencies.

It is about model to Anna Duritskaya who became the only witness to murder of the politician. According to «LifeNews» , abortion to the girl was also paid by Nemtsov.

Besides, the consequence doesn't exclude that money which the lost politician received from sponsors from - for a boundary could become a cause of the murder also.

- Boris Nemtsov went to Ukraine more than once and there actively contacted to representatives of so-called party of war, which purpose - overthrow of the power in Russia. They could give it means for destabilization of a situation in Russia. For this money the Ukrainian partners of Nemtsov quite could expect from him work on split of the Russian society. But not only split didn't happen, but, on the contrary, there was a consolidation of the Russian society. Understanding that they won't receive result, Nemtsov's sponsors could move away the politician who didn't manage to realize their plans, - one of members of an investigation team tells.

The third version of murder has also political character.

- Provocation by means of which opponents wanted to strike blow to authorities in power could be the purpose of murder. Perhaps, external and internal opponents chose Nemtsov as «victim» , which will promote destabilization of a situation in Russia, - the interlocutor tells.

At the same time, in the comment to the same LifeNews the odious Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky whom designate «talking head of the Kremlin» , support the version that murder could be committed by means of Security service of Ukraine.

- I don't exclude also the household version. Near it there was a young girl. There can be also a communication: it from Ukraine, a top - model, maybe, her some boyfriend, the groom, and it having learned that she went to Moscow, can be by phone, and the SBU can even helped here, he could revenge. He could be one of fighters: kindled, the armed. The household version can't be excluded. On the other hand, Nemtsov was very aggressive, I faced him on different debate more than once. Perhaps, here and race for power inside RPR - Parnassus for the power. They squeezed out Ryzhkov. Now it was talked: Kasyanov or Nemtsov, someone after all has to be the first. It is difficult to direct the organization, when there is no first person. It too can't be excluded, - Zhirinovsky assumed.

As reports Russian Interfax, in Boris Nemtsov's apartment on Small Ordynka pass searches. Investigators withdraw documents and records of the killed politician.

«The hard drive of the computer of Nemtsov will be investigated. Investigators are interested in any information which will help with disclosure of murder of the oppositionist» , - it is told in the message.
Besides, neighbors of the dead for the purpose of establishment of circumstances of the last days of his life can be interrogated soon. 

At the same time the colleague of the killed Boris Nemtsov Ilya Yashin declares that it was murder for the political reasons. According to Yashina, the oppositionist Nemtsov prepared the report on participation of the Russian military in the conflict in Ukraine.

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