In Nikolaev the appeal obeys "pig-iron poprygunchik"

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On May 12 in appellate court in the Nikolaev area the board of judges under Oksana Kutsenko's predsedatelstvovaniye started hearing criminal case so-called "pig-iron poprygunchik". Six of thirteen condemned addressed with the appeal on excessive punishment for their crime.

As it became known from the indictment of Veselinovsky district court, this organized criminal group within December, 2006 - January, 2007 stole pig-iron "Chushka Spit" from open gondola cars on 1998 km of a railway route of Kolosovk - Beryozovka. According to the pronounced sentence of January 16, 2009, members of this group are condemned for various terms - from one to seven years of imprisonment.

The indictment read by Valentina Grebenyuk contained enough information on gravity of creation of relationship in the middle of this team "prize-winners of GTO". The structure of this group would be envied not by one gang from slums of any American megalopolis. There was carefully built configuration of heads/subordinates. Zvenyevye, operators, loaders, security guards. And, the quantity them was so great that all members for once not always took part in these or those operations. The most prepared got out only and in all respects corresponding to character of each sortie. About high performing level told also results: for six "approaches" about 213 tons of pig-iron preparations were dumped from gondola cars. The cost of the losses suffered by the Turkish firm, by estimates of acts of shortage made about 60 thousand US dollars.

Condemned in the majority - rather strong children. After all in order that in 10 minutes of a stop of structure to dump from 11 to 69 tons of "chushka" (the weight of everyone - about 12-15 kg), it is necessary to have solid muscular weight. These "body builders" also kept the friendly company in a court hall - unlike on what share thought processes on conducting pig-iron business dropped out.Except the organizer (who didn't manage to be seen in court because the criminal proceedings on his person were stopped owing to a state of health), on a dock there was no "zvenyevy" - as it appeared, they at all also had very serious violations in warmly - vascular parts of a body.

Only one "zvenyevy" it was succeeded to behold alive and that tells that all its participation in these "dark affairs" was only that it (being the shift supervisor on railway knot on the Art. of Kolosovk) called the familiar driver. As if on the platform I approached to the master unfamiliar and I asked to contact "carrier", having specified the approximate direction.

- And as these people could dump pig-iron pyramids from the gondola car, I won't put mind. After all they were practically under the high-voltage line. Yes it is unreal, - Sergey K.

And here what was the robbery scenario: "main" agreed with drivers of structure about a short stop in the specified place (it costed about 400-500 UAH on everyone), the driver braked, by then "passengers" who have sat down in Kolosovke made "Chushka Spit" on boards of gondola cars and within 10 minutes of a stop dumped them down to the ground. Cars right there expecting freight were hammered "chock-full" and went on the thrown current in the nearby village of Mikhaylovsk of the Veselinovsky area. From there already the goods also were implemented. "Owner" paid to each participant for the done work from 400 UAH. As they say, from everyone on the ability, everyone - by result.

With such work the created group was scattered for once when some cars with stolen metal were stopped by police officers.

And, apparently, on it all history would have to end. But here ill luck. Six participants of group "pig-iron poprygunchik" got prison penals without possibility of conditional serving of punishment. Therefore submission of this appeal gives the chance to these people to stay any extra time at liberty. And hope for professionalism of the defenders - look, lawyers will think up that. And whether it is the developed scenario of protection, whether really such could take place, but defendants on judicial interrogations began to point to inadmissible roughness and violence from the staff of the Odessa Ministry of Internal Affairs during carrying out a consequence:

- They to me put the thick book to the head and beat from all force.And the lawyer provided to me by the investigator Nechiporenko I convinced me to sign everything that offered a consequence. Pier, you won't sit, - the driver of the truck Alexander B.


Another condemned strongly was surprised why its all the time behind beat on the head. It appeared that for morning of the suspect following after interrogation it was necessary to hand over in the Odessa IVS, and then in a pre-trial detention center. And procedure of acceptance of "client" means fluorography and full inspection by the doctor regarding external damages. So the head remained the only convenient place. But Sergey K. insists that to his beating laid a hand not only the staff of the Odessa Ministry of Internal Affairs, but also operatives from Veselinovo - somebody the Fire and Sorochan. And they, as if, along with others in turn beat it since evening till the dawn:

- Stopped only after I told them that I have a sore heart. I speak to them, you will kill, a pier.

In general the condemned indicate bias of the investigation and an unilaterality in judicial review on I-й instances. And witnesses are interrogated so that the facts testifying to wine of defendants are taken into account only. Also testimony concerning non-participation in a number of crimes isn't considered. And according to the complaint about violence of militiamen nobody interrogated them.

Here also it turned out that they stipulated themselves. And surrender thus signed that now are terrified the unreasonableness. And concerning reproduction of events of crimes even witnesses show that protocols were formed formally and with procedure violation.

- If you don't sign the protocol, you won't leave at all from here, so I was told by Nechiporenko. So I, wouldn't sign after such words? After all at my place children, the wife, - Alexander B.


As for imputed the condemned six episodes on structure plundering with the Russian metal, "pig-iron poprygunchik" claim only about one case of theft. When they were caught by militia.

All the rest - attempt to hang on them others sins and aspiration of militia to deliver itself a tick in disclosure of the large organized criminal group which isn't existing really. And after all the structure with cast iron went from Russia, then on border it too wasn't outweighed. So now it is possible to speak anything. And witnesses on other episodes and the proofs which have been beaten out under torture, at militia don't exist.

Opinions of lawyers are that.Considering that these people are alien emotions, and are guided only by the contract with the client, it is possible to assume that process of trial of the appeal can significantly be dragged out. The meticulous lawyer will achieve both a call of witnesses, and repeated research of documents on criminal case, and also research of materials of reproduction of events …

And the professional in a court hall can achieve many other. Except trust to the clients.


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