"Fatally sick" Cassimeres, hit to death the girl, 2,5 years later after release, continues to go across Nikolaev at a wheel

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The resident of Nikolaev Alexey Kazimirov who was let out on July 20, 2013 from a colony in the Kherson area because of «fatal illness–the progressing tumor of a brain» , continues to go at a wheel.

So, on Thursday, March 27, the car «taking near the house on Skorokhodov Street the wheelSkoda» silvery color with the state number Ve2368v_ mother of Yulia Kalancheva hit it to death Elena Smirnova saw.

According to her, she went by the tram and saw how Cassimeres leaves the house and gets into the car for a wheel then it left.

We will remind, on February 21, 2011 in Nikolaev Alexey Kazimirov at a wheel of the car «Mercedes» I brought down to death 20-summer Yulia Kalancheva– the girl died on a scene. Driver «Mercedes» from a scene I disappeared, but it was soon established and detained. As a result the Central district court of Nikolaev found Kazimirov guilty of Kalancheva's death and sentenced to 6 years of imprisonment. 

However, a month later after Cassimeres it was transported under guard in a colony of the Kherson area, on July 20, 2012 Belozersky district court of the Kherson area I released it on freedom, referring on allegedly found at it  «fatal illness» - the progressing brain tumor. However, despite it, quite healthy condemned Cassimeres, it was noticed after that walking around the city, often appearing in night clubs, the bars Nikolaeva, and more than once in the downtown visits snackbar «Kebab»  with friends.

And today, 2,5 years later after release from prison Alexey continues to show the excellent health allowing it to go at a wheel in spite of the fact that as he assured of court and about what the chief physician of BSMP of the city of Nikolaev Alexander Demyanov spoke, from - for brain tumors he badly sees, and that day when it brought down Yulia Kalancheva, it and became the reason.

We will note that a sentence of court besides imprisonment Kazimirov managed which successfully «to bypass» , to it was also awarded to pay 50 thousand hryvnias of material damage and 200 thousand moral to relatives of the girl hit it to death. However, as reported «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT» the mother-in-law lost Irina Kalancheva, still I didn't pay kopek of compensation of Cassimeres, and, obviously, isn't going to do it.

Moreover, a judgment of Cassimeres lost the driving license for 2 years which already expired. However, considering it «illness» , he could hardly receive them, however, probably, he also managed it.

Андрей Лохматов

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