The tipsy Nikolaev teenager of searching "gone" phone arranged real "slaughter" in the tram

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Last week, on May 16, two pupils of one ofNikolaevTechnical training colleges decided "to relax" in the day off. At first they spent on drink all available pocket money, but the drunk alcohol it appeared a little. Having conferred where it is possible to get money, companions decided to sell the mobile phone of one of them.

"Having much relaxed" teenagers decided to come back home by tram.

Already being in the tram, the fellow probably "forgot" about phone sale, and started finding out where its mobile phone got to. In the course of clarification of "destiny" of phone, between friends were tied fight. The tram driver, having seen a fight, I opened doors and I suggested brawlers to leave.

One of drinking companions resignedly retired from a battlefield, and ex-the owner of "mobilka" having solved, most likely, that in loss of phone the tram "is guilty", declared to the last "sacred war".

As reports Sector on public relations of the Nikolaev municipal government of militia, at first itI tried to tear off couple of seats, but having understood that it won't manage it,I broke a windowin the tram.

In response to it the driver contacted on a handheld transceiver depot, and called a squad patrulno - sentry duty. The militiamen who have arrived on a call detained the hooligan.

Now "fighter" with trams should answer under article 296 of the Criminal code of Ukraine - hooliganism.


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