"In the Nikolaev area, the mayor who goes for work by bicycle, you won't see", - the expert of the newspaper "Put"

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Time of accumulation of primary capital in the theory would already have to end, and at the same time - and policy, characteristic for this period. Today the majority of the Ukrainian officials publicly declare that they are people not poor. At the same time, some of them don't stop increasing the fortunes including at the expense of rather poor Ukrainian budget. And if Great Britain violently is indignant two weeks with impudence of the several officials who afforded many thousands expenses not to destination, we almost unnoticed still had information published by the newspaper "Business", on the order of the speaker Vladimir Litvin to which he "for life provided itself(himself) with the official car and the room in parliament". Such innovation accepted, by the way, still during the first presidency of Litvin in the Verkhovna Rada, concerns also his successors.

In what reason of such hypertrophied greed of the Ukrainian politicians? Behind an explanation newspaper "Day" addressed to the regional experts.

It is brought into publications and opinion of the Nikolaev expert of the newspaperRuslan Dzhavadov- acting head of the Analytical center "SMS-monitoring".

"Certainly, hypertrophied greed of our politicians has deep roots. Almost all of them, except for, perhaps, Yatsenyuk and several more relatively young politicians, grew up and, so to speak, "grew up" in Soviet period when public display of the wealth wasn't welcomed. And here in independent Ukraine the morals became another. Now the state became not is working - country as it was declared in the USSR, and absolutely by other. I would call it, our today's state, is criminal - oligarchical. After all today those who in power in Ukraine, - millionaires and billionaires", - I declaredRuslan Dzhavadov.

He noted that according to the most conservative estimates, about five percent of the Ukrainian rich men own 95% of national wealth.And more than a half of all of that is available in Ukraine, belongs to only several tens clans. The politicians who have visited top of the Ukrainian imperious Olympus, any more don't want to lose what used, holding high state positions.

"They got used to material benefits: to high salaries, cheap buffets, state dachas, official cars and many other therefore hardly will be able to wean from all this. Here therefore there are orders similar by the published Vladimir Litvin "not for the press" that the former chairmen of the parliament of Ukraine and after the resignation reserve office offices, cars, protection and other benefits. Let's think of that, why to them all this? And in order that they can't without it any more in order that one fine day they want to return to big-time politics. And quite often come back. Look we already had who and are today the head of parliament. Vladimir Litvin. Second time. And Moroz was the head of parliament twice. And the same Yanukovych visited the prime minister - the minister twice. You remember how ex-the president Leonid Kuchma appealed in parliament to issue to it pension as to the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada? Because the deputy pension is higher than the presidential. Our deputies took care of themselves. And staying in parliament, and being on pension, they in the material plan very much aren't offended even not. And after recent "reduction" of privileges they not bad settled. And what return of parliament, you know not worse me. I think that in the country where the most part of the population lives in poverty, magnificent for show life of the authorities is the sign of undemocratic character of the state. The mighty of this world in areas, the cities and areas tries to copy such lifestyle of a capital top. One my acquaintance came back recently from Sweden. He told that there saw the mayor going by bicycle", - the expert told.

"And at us, for example, in the Nikolaev area, the mayor who goes for work by bicycle, you won't see: they drive about pretty often on foreign cars. Today corruption, an arbitrariness, lawlessness became norm of life. Many officials, having got to the power, think not that it is necessary to make for the benefit of the people, area, the city or the area, and only of how rather to be enriched. Recently when receiving a bribe in the sum of 300 thousand dollars the acting head of the New Odessa district state administration of the Nikolaev area Igor Nikolayenko was caught red-handed.Similar examples are and in other regions of Ukraine.Millionaires and the billionaires who have reached the Ukrainian imperious Olympus, hardly will understand the people which, by the way, provided them the trust mandate! Such situation will remain until the people won't choose in the power of really moral, patriotically adjusted politicians. While the love to dollar, changes in Ukraine senselessly to wait will be the main criterion of morality and patriotism. But elections not far off, and our people have chance to change the life to the best", - declaredRuslan Dzhavadov.


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