Local governments and executive power withdrew from performance of powers in the sphere of town-planning and the land relations, and make illegal decisions

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In prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev area there was an interdepartmental meeting to which heads of authorities and local government, and also, supervisory authorities were invited. At meeting compliance questions земельнму to the legislation were discussed.

Bodies of prosecutor's office of area, within last and current year, it is organized and carried out a number of checks concerning compliance to the legislation of Ukraine about rational use and protection of land resources which testified that the condition of legality in the sphere of the land relations doesn't meet the requirements of the present, violations of the land legislation have widespread, and quite often impudent character and cause a considerable public response.

The facts of unauthorized hobby of the land plots, their inappropriate use, pollution and so forth therefore the territory of lands recreational constantly decreases, improving, the historian - cultural appointment, prirodno - reserved fund take place. Are built up the coast of water objects. The most attractive lands on which construction is quite often conducted chaotically, without the corresponding examinations and permissions are provided to commercial structures. Bodies of the state control properly don't react to such violations. Penalties for unauthorized construction, as a rule, aren't imposed therefore the budget loses million hryvnias. The land plots are illegally provided in property and using, their purpose changes, losses of agricultural and silvicultural production aren't paid, the rights of owners concerning possession and using the land plots are violated.

Prosecutors of almost all areas elicited the facts of commission is criminal - criminal actions in the sphere of the land relations. Last and current years they initiated 27 criminal proceedings.State architecturally - construction inspection, local governments and executive authorities withdrew from performance of the powers put on them in the sphere of town-planning and the land relations, besides, they make illegal decisions. Only behind protests of prosecutors, last and current years 267 illegal acts of these bodies are abolished.

In particular, prosecutors of Arbuzinsky, Brotherly, Domanevsky, October areas, Voznesensky interdistrict established facts of granting by local governments of the land plots in property and using with violation of an order of rather free privatization of the land plots by citizens, and also, an order of coordination of the questions connected with withdrawal (repayment) and a choice of the land plots, without project documentation. For the purpose of elimination of the specified violations of the law, the marked-out prosecutors declared 16 protests, 13 from which are already considered and satisfied.

Unfortunately, local governments resort to violations of the land legislation. So, 06.01.06 solution No. 42 of session of Domanevsky council to each of private enterprises provided permission to production of the project of land management concerning assignment of the land plot of 0,3 hectares of pastures under construction of autogas-filling point and point of roadside service within the territory пгт. Domanevka from lands of municipal property of Domanevskaya of settlement council. This decision was made with violation of requirements of the land legislation, at absence in the land management project concerning assignment of the land plot of the previous coordination of location of the specified object by nature protection body - public administration of protection of surrounding environment in the Nikolaev area.

By results of consideration of a protest of prosecutor's office the revealed illegal decision of session of settlement council is abolished.

Similar violations of the law are revealed by the prosecutor Bratskogo, Elanetsky and other areas. To the specified decisions the prosecutor 26.01.09 nominated protests which are already satisfied.


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