Yanukovych calls provocation initiation of proceedings on the Holodomor

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The party leader of regions Victor Yanukovych states a protest and concern in connection with excitement of SBU criminal case upon commission in Ukraine of genocide in 1932-1933


"It is quite obvious that such actions don't maintain any criticism. Moreover, I would call such statement of a question provocative and irresponsible", - Yanukovych declared.

It is concerned that "society again appears before threat to be involved in the internal conflict caused by distinction in estimates of causes and effects of tragic events of 1932-33".

"It is heavy to Yanukovych to believe that the Ukrainian power consciously goes on such steps". "If this is so, arises very unfavourable conclusion: support of constant tension round a question of the Holodomor is necessary to the present power to continue to worsen and without that the bad relations with Russia", - he considers.

Thus the leader of "Regions" reminds that "for Russia as right successors of the USSR this subject is especially sensitive".

"Official Moscow and the general public of Russia fairly note that owing to those tragic events perished not only Ukrainians, but also representatives of many other nationalities", - Yanukovych noted.

"However this obvious fact a little that means to persons who cynically use the tragedy of 1932-33 to remain at the power", - he declares and assumes that "they even are ready to delete from history of Ukraine all Soviet period".

"Because if to bring criminal cases against organizers of the Holodomor, to them follows will be to attach all management and partiyno - the Soviet asset of the Soviet Ukraine of that time", - Yanukovych explained.

"It is clear that it is a question of the next promotional campaign within big geopolitical game", - the party leader of regions declares.

In this regard he expresses "a protest against the next attempt of the present mighty of this world to involve society in civil opposition, and Ukraine - in confrontation with the Russian Federation".


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