The Nikolaev owners of slot machines demand from tax to return means paid for patents for machine guns

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During yesterday's a press - conferences of the chairman of GNA in the Nikolaev areaLeonida Korchagina, representatives of the Nikolaev mass media asked it to comment on a situation which developed in a gaming.

"The corresponding order of the central authorities therefore we, as well as other supervisory authorities started check of game business was signed. Staff of the Nikolaev tax police took part in these checks" also, - declaredLeonid Korchagin.

He noted that in this sphere there are a lot of violations and abuses, including tax legislation.

"Now it is necessary for all structures - tax, to local authorities, law enforcement agencies to combine the efforts and to bring an order to this sphere", - the chief of GNA in the Nikolaev area considers.

The deputy chief of GNA in the Nikolaev areaSergey Dyndarenko, supervising I noted work of tax police that the tax police "got" into gear within the powers.

"Checks of the enterprises of a gaming are made together with other supervisory authorities - the Ministry of Emergency Situations, prosecutor's office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs.Independently tax police has no right to check such enterprises, as the tax police, within a legal framework can carry out checks only on criminal cases", - declaredSergey Dyndarenko.

In turn, deputy head облГНАAnjelica TsymbalyukI told that in tax service businessmen with statements for return in total 140 thousand UAH paid for trade patents for the right to be engaged in a gaming already addressed.

According to her, in a year the local budget of the Nikolaev area receives on the average 100 million UAH of a payment for patents.

She is sure that there will be no problems with return of the means paid for the patent, even in volume cases if all businessmen will address with such statements - in a total amount of a payment for the patent the gaming occupies about 20%. Now the sum which needs to be returned, makes only about 140 thousand UAH

And.TsymbalyukI added that means for the patent come back only after patent delivery to bodies of tax service.


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