After incident at Euromaidan the minister Zakharchenko forced out me from bodies, - ex-the chief of militia of Nikolaev

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Ex-the chief of the Nikolaev municipal government of militia Oleg Shevchuk admitted that against the will left from law-enforcement bodies, and at a personal request ex-the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Vitaly Zakharchenko. Also Shevchuk assures that I didn't want to do harm to participants of the Nikolaev Euromaidan.

He declared it in the comment «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT».

It is known that in May of the current year prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev area I reported about suspicion the ex-to the chief of the Nikolaev municipal government of militia colonel Oleg Shevchuk from - for preventing to carrying out peaceful protest action during Revolution of Advantage in Nikolaev. We will remind, in the night of November 23, 2013 police officers under the leadership of Shevchuk went storm to some tens participants of peaceful protest action and from the second attempt demolished tents, placed into Lenin's square (nowadays Cathedral, - PN) within Euromaidan, meeting of opposition forces. Thus between law enforcement authorities and protesters a fight was started, in which three persons suffered. On June 11, 2015 in the Central district court of Nikolaev consideration of this business began, the last court session took place yesterday, on June 17.

Shevchuk doesn't admit the guilt in the crimes incriminated to him. He noted that the given order doesn't contradict the Ukrainian laws:

- There is in the order nothing criminal, - told ex-the chief of a gorupravleniye of militia and added that such «courts» public «hackney eyes». - On a dock there could be any citizen who will be wanted to be made extreme.

- Now disperse people, the militia moves away all (stock "Maidan 3.0"), the public and the power as react? Double standards?! And this court... found the simply extreme.

Meeting under the building of TsRS of
According to the defendant, his many former colleagues - employees of a gorupravleniye of militia of Nikolaev express him support:

- I can tell for management city which I headed - support me there. There were acting employees, not in a form today, and veterans of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (under the building of the Central regional court before a meeting, - PN)... Those who is free from dresses, who output came today.

As for incident on a main square of the city in the fall of 2013, he declared that militiamen didn't storm group of people at all, and tried to divide them and to create pass to tents. As it was already reported, Dmitry Nikonov who at that time held a position of the chief of inspectorate for improvement of the Nikolaev City Council, intended to demolish three established tourist tents, calling their small architectural forms (Mafami). But participants of the action refused to clean these designs as, in their opinion, tents are the Euromaidan symbol. During the last court session in the matter of Shevchuk the victims told about that militiamen «stepped on people a wedge in which there was Nikonov with the folder of documents». The Nikolaev journalist Oleg Derenyuga in the indications expressed opinion concerning actions of the chief of inspection: «Nikonov made then the decision rather not as the official, and as «vitrenkovets» - in the City Council earlier it represented pro-Russian party «PSPU».

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According to Shevchuk, the question of demolition of tents stood not so much because this violation of the decision of local government, and is so much because installation of the tent town could provoke the conflict:

- Peaceful meeting stood, we didn't touch them, and on the contrary covered, because members then yet not forbidden  «Russian block» and others it similar were against meeting and wanted to organize on the square the action, even submitted to the city hall the application for establishment of eight tents. We (police officers, - PN) to them (to protesters, - PN) spoke that didn't provoke that meeting remained peace, asked not to establish tents. Warned three times:  «Place normally the order. Please, submit the application to the 8th mornings on Monday» , - he told and started feeling nostalgic how the Nikolaev militiamen supported protesters, helped of

- If I wanted to do harm to people as I am accused, I would tell to take them (to militiamen, - PN) with myself specifics (the traumatic gun, bludgeons, - PN).And I, on the contrary, ordered not to take them with myself, to leave, - Shevchuk noted, having added that in Nikolaev law enforcement authorities only tried to avoid collisions between supporters of various ideas while in other cities of Ukraine really cruelly dispersed Euromaidan.

Shevchuk later after wrote one and a half years the application on retirement, told about the reason of leaving law-enforcement bodies. We will remind that then the official version of leaving was that it allegedly didn't cope with functions and crime rate in the city grew. By words Shevchuk, it is the ridiculous reason as, actually, at his management crime rate decreased. And from this position  «it was asked» : 

- It was ringing from above, - it summarized.

He told that it was the will of Vitaly Zakharchenko who then headed the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

We will note that more than a year upon dispersal of the Nikolaev Euromaidan no investigation was conducted. Only reaction the prosecutor of the city of Nikolaev Yury Paliya there was an introduction representation to the chief of the Central regional department of militia of Nikolaev by results of which consideration the management of regional department of militia brought to a disciplinary responsibility «guilty official». Besides Paly appointed at Pshonke, and who nowadays already left a position of the prosecutor of Nikolaev declared that any dispersal of activists allegedly not was

As a result business was it is begun by prosecutor's office of area only year and four months later after dispersal, and only after Vladimir holding a position of the prosecutor of the Nikolaev area Komashko was translated back to Kiev, and a vacant place Vyacheslav Krivovyaz borrowed.

At the moment one more person involved in criminal proceedings upon dispersal of Euromaidan in Nikolaev is lieutenant colonel Oleg Sychev.

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