In Hersonshchina "Right Sector" cruelly beat and robbed the Ukrainian boxer a sort from the Crimea

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Sergey Pivovarenko
On Monday, June 22, in the settlement of Kalanchak of the Kherson area people in a kamuflirovanny form from the Right Sector beat, robbed and subjected to cruel tortures of the Ukrainian athlete a sort from the Crimea Sergey Pivovarenko.

About it «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT» Sergey reported.

Pivovarenko told that after annexation of the Crimea moved to the Nikolaev area. In the Kherson area the athlete stayed with the friend within a week where to it there was an incident.

- Transferred us from the Crimea our things and documents—it everything was in this house in Kalanchake. We came back home at 6 o'clock in the evening where people in a camouflage committed an assault against us. There was an ambush. They lay on the earth on perimeter, on a handheld transceiver transferred information each other, that is were prepared. Inside too already there were people, about two tens. They searched our housing, all things, beat out in the house of a door. When we were tried to be zalomat, I told the friend that he ran away. And I remained to find out who they are and that. These people started threatening with the weapon, tumbled down on a floor, put cuffs and a bag on the head, started beating, - Sergey told.

Besides, took away all money and things among which there were also expensive subjects and values, and also all documents confirming the personality, awards and so on from guys.

The actions attacking were explained to those, according to Sergey that he allegedly the saboteur and the terrorist.

- Thus questions generally concerned where money at me is hidden, what business is, - he added.

After malefactors packed all things, the house was approached by two cars, Sergey in which shipped stolen and the athlete in handcuffs tells. It was taken out for the settlement in the field where beat and tortured.

- Used the stun gun, bludgeons, scratched a knife a back, broke out hands, shot from the gun near the head, - the athlete told and showed traces from a cruel beating.

At this time companion Sergueya ran to Kalanchatsky regional department of militia where told the head of department of criminal investigation department Shendrik that unknown kidnapped his friend and try to take out in the unknown direction, and also pointed to the car with these people.

- The militiaman told it: «You disappear, and I learn everything» also I went to communicate with children who were driven by the second car for my friend and arrived to a militia site. They weren't detained, anything... When we filed already the application to the militia, in the protocol conversation of my friend with the chief of criminal investigation department didn't enter at all, and later to us told that anything with these people can't make and advised to leave quickly until to us made even worse, - he tells.

Later Sergey with the friend found out that members of the Right Sector, and one of their heads who directly took part in attack - Vasily Gulyaev are attacking.

Sergey Pivovarenko also stated fears that the staff of Kalanchatsky regional department of militia works in a sheaf and covers illegal actions of people from the Right Sector as in the beginning ignored its address and only after arrival of representatives from the regional Department of Internal Affairs at it adopted the statement.

Thus, the athlete sincerely doesn't understand such behavior from attacking, after all for many years adequately represented Ukraine on the international scene. He is the world class master of sports, the numerous winner of the championships of Ukraine and the member of the national team of Ukraine on boxing.

We will add that information on attack on Sergey Pivovarenko «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT» confirmed in sector of public relations of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Kherson area. The militia opened criminal proceedings, having qualified a crime as regards 3 articles 187 ( «The robbery connected to penetration into housing, other room or storage» ), which sanction provides imprisonment for a period of seven till 12 years with confiscation of property.

- The personalities attacking are at the moment identified, witnesses are interrogated, - law enforcement authorities added.

We will remind, earlier ex-the journalist the Internet - editions «Kherson messages» Evgeny Prikhodko reported that it was threatened by the coordinator «Right Sector Kherson» Dmitry Semyon from - for the journalist's material of April 15 «Who will return «Right Sector» in a legal framework?».

Earlier it was reported that in Kherson «Right Sector» in fight against raiding itself I seized hothouse combine.

Анастасия Баранова

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